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  • Tamoti

    This might be a bit soon since the season hasn't ended yet but I feel like the second half of Pahkitew island is going downhill on a fast paste. All of the plotlines are resulting into anticlimaxes and the top 3 is just worthless. I read somewhere on Julie's wall that they had a change of writers halfway through the season so maybe that's the problem? I don't know. Let's see where I feel it went wrong:

    • IMO it started with Topher in episode 7 "this is the pits" and episode 8 "three zones and a baby": Topher's gimmick of "taking over the show/giving Chris a midlife crisis" could have worked. But it didn't, Chris cared about Topher's insults about his age untill episode 5 "a blast from the past" where he got slowtox. The next episode his slowt…
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  • Tamoti

    Topher theory

    May 22, 2014 by Tamoti

    So you know how Total Drama labels their contestants by certain stereotypes, I was looking up some info about Zoey and I saw the label "the indie chick" and I completely forgot that she was supposed to be hipster, and found that the label doesn't really say anything about how she is in the competition.

    So out of boredom I started looking at the labels of other contestants to see if the characters hold up to how they where originally intended to be. This is just a personal reflection that I made for fun, so don't take it too serious and you're allowed to disagree completely ;p

    (I'm not gonna mention the contestants that have labels that I completely agree with or don't know how to change)

    Zoey "the indie chick", it's mentioned in her audition …

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