Hey Guys this is Tami and the season of Total Drama Ridonculous Race is over. This was a great season and I am going to go over the Pros and Cons of this season as a whole! Generally this is 2nd favorite Total Drama surpassing World Tour but still can't beat Island lol. Alright let get this thing started!


  • The Characters in this season were interesting. We have great new characters like Kitty, Jen, Tom, Brody, Ennui, Crimson and Junior. They also have a returning characters from previous seasons. I am also happy their wasn't that many episodes were the returning characters hog the screen time! 
  • The season stayed interesting! Everything was shocking or unexpected. The challenges for the most part were interesting. The way the characters interacted were great despite the circumstances and big cast. 
  • JOSEE AND JACQUES! Okay before you flame me about how you hate these too just hear me out for one second. These two are hate-bound individuals but come on they are well-written antagonist. You are SUPPOSE to hate the antagonist. So they did it right. Also they were the first unexpected antagonist in the series. Would you expect them to be antagonist if you watched the first few episodes. 
  • EMMA AND KITTY! Yes these two... well to me at least made this season. Without them the season probrably wouldn't be that good. We seen Emma be harsh on her sister until she lost focus with Noah and then loosened up after she had to break off with him to me. Kitty is a sweet heart and she reminds me of any teen that just graduated high school. She just want to have fun and I like how she is not a push-over either. This is the first time I seen a sibling relationship done right in an Animated Show. 
  • This season along with Total Drama Island to legit made me cry. With Kitty and Emma elimination, to Jen encouraging Tom he can do anything he put his mind to, to Junior being proud of his dad despite them losing, to Ryan encouraging Stephanie when she's about to give up. I'm telling you, I felt like I was watching a soap or something lol. It felt like this characters were actual people. 
  • Last but not least, the COMEDY! This season had found a way for each and every character to be funny. I think I laughed at every character this season with the exception of Gerry and Pete. But other than that this season was comedy gold. They didn't have a lot of fart jokes (which I was concerned of since Owen was introduced) even the more... what you guys call them... BLAND characters Carrie and Devin were funny. I like how they weren't untouchable like other characters such as Zoey, Sky, Mike, and to a certain extent Dave. They were like human punching bags lol. 

Alright time for the Cons! These are opinions so don't come for me or anything please. 


  • The elimination order! Tbh this season elimination order was horrible! Like character Chet/Lorenzo and Rock/Spud being in 11th/10th place! Also Mickey and Jay being in 12th place! Characters like Tom/Jen, Laurie/Miles and Ellody/Mary could have tooken their place due to being... I don't know... more interesting characters. Well Mary and Ellody aren't that interesting but they had potential to be interesting. Laurie and Miles were robbed due to a penalty. Tom and Jen were easily one of the characters to have thought to atleast make it to the final 10 due to their developement. 
  • Usless Heroic Moments. That was very big this season! Laurie and Miles eating meat just to come in last place (Despite Non Elimination Round) Tom finally believing in himself only to be eliminated along with Jen, Taylor and Kelly finally being on good terms then being eliminated, Kitty taking off her oxygen tank for her sister then being eliminated, Stephanie not quitting on herself and Ryan only to be eliminated. The list goes on! It feels like once the character have faith in themselves they just get cut before they can continue. 
  • The Return! Same as Josee and Jacques! I love the Surfers but them returning was really unnessary. The reason I say this is because they were in 6th place before they returned so they were already had a good placing, they could have easily just made that episode an non-elimination episode and eliminated Stephanie/Ryan and Carrie/Devin. Also it was right before the finale! No return should be right before a finale! It makes the contestants who stayed the whole time work hard for nothing.
  •  NON-ELIMINATION EPISODES! This is the most non-eliminating season I seen in my life! Once you think the Daters are gone... Nope they are staying because This is a non elimination round. Then you think the Rockers are gone after virtually them being there is useless... Nope you get to stay! All these episodes could have easily could have been replaced with Aftermath episodes hosted by Tom and Jen! lol Y'all should check that blog out when y'all are done! lol

Total Drama the Ridonculous Race was a great season! I want to ask y'all what y'all think of the season overall down below in the comments. Also I like to point out! When I team is in last place, most likely they stay in last place... I just noticed that... Well nevermind lol! See y'all next time when Season 6 of TD come out or Season 2 of RR!

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