Hey Guys this is Miracle some of you might know me be Tami. I will give my opinion about the cast members on Total Drama Season 6. Lets get this thing started. 


This Character looks like a girl and she going to be a snob. She might be a tomboy or a really annoying female that is most likely not going to last long. She might make to the merge but I highly doubt it. She also can be a very rude character but not an antagonist. I give her the benefit of the doubt but her look is not impressing me right now.

I am totally confused about the gender of this character. This might be a lazy male that lacks in the challenges but makes it very far or this is a female that is very tough like Eva/Jo. If thats the case I think he/she might make it very far. He/She is not my favorite but I like them. He/She can be a hobo also, that was my other prediction. 
I can see this character as the hot guy of the season but not be an antagonist. I see him as a jack of all traits like he is just good at everything. He might be a model and a superstar but that is least likely to happen. I think he is fully capable of making the final 5. I like his character and the style. The only thing is that I hope he isnt a screen hog like Duncan. 
This is another gender confused character that I dont know what to say about. I think this character is going to be an overweight female with a unique personality. Now when I look at it, I think it is going to be another nerd character. I don't know you tell me what you think about this character in the comments. 


The first time I saw this and I was like Amazing World of Gumball. I am assuming this is going to be a female character. She is probrably a fancy and polite young lady. She also may be very spoiled which is a downside. Look like she comes from a fancy/rich home and used to everyone doing things for her. She might not make the merge. 

Come back for part 2 of my character predictions hope you like this one

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