Hey Guys it is Miracle here and I am here to talk about the duration of Tom and Jen on the Ridonculous Race. I'm going to start doing this for each team that gets eliminated but why not start with my favorite team! 



I absolutely loved this team with a passion. I was rooting for this team to at least make it past the final 10 or 8 but unfortunately that didn't happen. Jen had that Valley Girl Accent and I love that Tom was very flamboyant compared to the other characters. Their personalities bounced off each other very well and they made me laugh almost every time they have a scene on the show. It was also cool how they would get distracted from the race and still managed to get 9th or 5th place. I really loved their personalities but I wanted them to interact with the other contestants more than they actuallly did



Tom and Jen actually did really well compared to the more athletic competitors in the competition. Even beating Sanders and McArthur/Stephanie and Ryan a few times in the race. They even placed 2nd behind Jacquess and Josee in one episode and for them that is really good. That also made me believe that they were going far in the competition as well. They were an above average team compared to the others. Also I wish they emplemented Jen's gymnastics skills earlier on in the series...

Laugh Factor

9.5/ 10

There was only one time Jen and Tom didn't make me laugh and that was when they didn't speak at all in Episode 6. Other than that they always had me rolling to the point I keep replaying the same part of them on Youtube! Here are moments that made me Laugh Out Loud 

  • Episode 1 "Jen and Tom talking bad about overalls infront of Janitor with overalls"
  • Episode 1 "Tom and Jen refusing to use the helmets"
  • Episode 2 "Jen putting the snoring mask on Tom's face"
  • Episode 3 "Jen and Tom ditching the carpet crashing Junior and Dewayne, then awkardly laughing about it"
  • Episode 3 "Jen and Tom waste time shopping"
  • Episode 3 "Tom dropping shopping bag after being scared and still going back to get it >.< That one was my fav"
  • Episode 4 "Jen catching Tom after being scared by the shark"
  • Episode 5 "Jen and Tom running through the geisure gysers and Jen explaining about her top"
  • Episode 6 Not funny but memorable "Jen encouraging Tom to complete the challenge..." Really made me wish they stayed 


I am going to really miss the Fashion Bloggers. I really hope they return again in another season or so. But I want to hear you guys opinion on them really! See you guys later with Miles and Laurie! 

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