Heyy Everyone! This is Miracle again! First I am going start off with saying Thank you guys for making GoodBye Tom and Jen one of the most popular blogs on the wikia right now! I truly appreciate it. Today I am going to talk about Taylor and Kelly Duration on this season of TDPRR. Now Lets get this thing started.



8.5/ 10

Kelly and Taylor were the obviously Regina George and her mother. They nailed that stereotype but the only problem I had was it was kind of wish washy on Kelly's part. Kelly would start to put her foot down, then she would still get bossed around in the next episode. It was very confusing to me but oh well. Taylor on the other hand had so much potential to be an antaigonist but sometimes a mean character isn't always antaigonistic... just mean. You can tell she not trying to be manilipulative and coniving, just spoiled and bratty. Which is understandable but I really wanted her to interact with more of the rude characters like Josee and Stephanie. 



Kelly and Taylor was a borderline type team. They were always in the middle placing 13 being their lowest placing and 3rd being their highest. They did their best during the Brazilian episode but other than that their skills were a bit lacking compared to the other teams. They weren't athletic, smart, or even had a strategy. They were basically put there for comedic purposes.

Laugh Factor


Kelly and Taylor were one of the more funnier contestants. More so Taylor than Kelly but that is just me. Taylor snobby ways and she even used the term "Ratchet" really made me lol. But here are some moments when they made me laugh.

  •  Kelly saying Taylor friends thinks her and Taylor are sisters.
  • Taylor swimming *Funniest Moment*
  • Taylor throwing the cocoanut at Lauries face
  • Kelly Pit Stains
  • Taylor telling Kelly about Protien will go to her hips
  • Taylor reaction to Laurie beating Kelly up
  • Taylor bellyflop


Taylor and Kelly left in the middle but to be honest. I could see them leaving no sooner or later. Their time on the show was well and had enough camera time while doing so. Down in the comments I would like to hear your opinions about Taylor and Kelly as a duo! I promise I will Do Laurie and Miles with the next eliminated team. 

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