Hey Everyone this is Tami and I am here to talk about something that might be really cool!. An aftermath like show for Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race!!! Geoff and Bridgette were amazing hosts for the Aftermath in the Total Drama Series so what is stopping them from making an aftermath for the Ridonculous Race Series. I think amazing hosts would be Tom and Jen due to there blogging nature or The Goths with there dry humor. Or even better both of them hosting and interacting with each other due to their so different personalities!!! It would be so funny to watch.  For example!

Jen: Oh my gosh! What was Don thinking wearing Black on Black! That is sooo not it's color

Tom: Yeah! He needs to add some more color!

Ennui: I actually think he is looks very appealing!

Crimson: Yah... because... whatever....

Tom and Jen: 0.0 Okayyyyy

What do you guys think! Who would make perfect host for an Aftermath for the Ridonculous Race! Would you watch it! If they're were one do you think it should be episodes or just online! Tell me!

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