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  • Tami34

    Hey Guys this is Tami and the season of Total Drama Ridonculous Race is over. This was a great season and I am going to go over the Pros and Cons of this season as a whole! Generally this is 2nd favorite Total Drama surpassing World Tour but still can't beat Island lol. Alright let get this thing started!

    • The Characters in this season were interesting. We have great new characters like Kitty, Jen, Tom, Brody, Ennui, Crimson and Junior. They also have a returning characters from previous seasons. I am also happy their wasn't that many episodes were the returning characters hog the screen time! 
    • The season stayed interesting! Everything was shocking or unexpected. The challenges for the most part were interesting. The way the characters intera…

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  • Tami34

    GoodBye Emma and Kitty!

    October 9, 2015 by Tami34

    Hey everyone, This is Tami34 and now... before I start this! This elimination feels like a funeral to most of the Total Drama Fandom. This is by far the most heartbreaking, saddest, unexpected, and most hard to swallow elemination I had ever since Bridgette in Total Drama Island! The reason I say this is because basically we see been with these two more so than any other character in the series. They been through almost everything! Love, Comedy, Friends, Enemies, and even some heart warming moments. I always liked Emma and Kitty but what really wanted me to win is when Kitty said she wanted to help her big sister pay for law school! *bust out crying* Like I wished just the Cadets just tripped the Ice Dancers when they were running! They wo…

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  • Tami34

    Hey Everyone this is Tami and I am here to talk about something that might be really cool!. An aftermath like show for Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race!!! Geoff and Bridgette were amazing hosts for the Aftermath in the Total Drama Series so what is stopping them from making an aftermath for the Ridonculous Race Series. I think amazing hosts would be Tom and Jen due to there blogging nature or The Goths with there dry humor. Or even better both of them hosting and interacting with each other due to their so different personalities!!! It would be so funny to watch.  For example!

    Jen: Oh my gosh! What was Don thinking wearing Black on Black! That is sooo not it's color

    Tom: Yeah! He needs to add some more color!

    Ennui: I actually think …

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  • Tami34

    GoodBye Taylor and Kelly!

    September 18, 2015 by Tami34

    Heyy Everyone! This is Miracle again! First I am going start off with saying Thank you guys for making GoodBye Tom and Jen one of the most popular blogs on the wikia right now! I truly appreciate it. Today I am going to talk about Taylor and Kelly Duration on this season of TDPRR. Now Lets get this thing started.


    8.5/ 10

    Kelly and Taylor were the obviously Regina George and her mother. They nailed that stereotype but the only problem I had was it was kind of wish washy on Kelly's part. Kelly would start to put her foot down, then she would still get bossed around in the next episode. It was very confusing to me but oh well. Taylor on the other hand had so much potential to be an antaigonist but sometimes a mean character …

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  • Tami34

    GoodBye Tom and Jen!

    September 15, 2015 by Tami34

    Hey Guys it is Miracle here and I am here to talk about the duration of Tom and Jen on the Ridonculous Race. I'm going to start doing this for each team that gets eliminated but why not start with my favorite team! 


    I absolutely loved this team with a passion. I was rooting for this team to at least make it past the final 10 or 8 but unfortunately that didn't happen. Jen had that Valley Girl Accent and I love that Tom was very flamboyant compared to the other characters. Their personalities bounced off each other very well and they made me laugh almost every time they have a scene on the show. It was also cool how they would get distracted from the race and still managed to get 9th or 5th place. I really loved their personalities but I…

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