Total Drama has a combined total number of 52 contestants (not counting Ridonculous Race contestants). With that huge of a number, some characters dont get their time to shine, some even just forgotten. 

In this list, I will include 5 characters who SHOULD return,incase their was another returnee season. Enough chatter! LETS GO!


Ever since Total Drama Island, Eva has been barely included in anything, other than cameo apperances. From a character stand point, her camoes in Total Drama World Tour showed little hints that Eva can be a likeable character if given the chance. Hell even her revenge storyline in No Pain No Game was interesting to see, but sadly it was also taken away. I would of loved to see Eva a little more on the island, and the show in general. Its just weird how the writers always snatch her momentum. Other than a character stand point, as a player, it would be great to see her come back. She only competed in ONE season! I need more Eva in my life.


Dakota TDRI Rank
Dakota has one of the most bizarre character changes ive ever seen. After she was turned into a RADIO ACTIVE MONSTER, aka Dakotazoid, we never heard anything about her. Like, is she in treatment? What is she doing? Anything! Honestly, how can you make a character become a monster, and then just forget it about them? I want Dakota back, A NORMAL Dakota back. She definetly deserves another chance after what she went through in TDROTI


Scarlett Fever has obviously one the best, if not, most entertaining episodes in the Total Drama series. We've been getting teased about Scarlett and what she's really all about, and we finally got to see her in full size. A sweet young girl, turns out to be an evil genius. As one of the villains of the series, its only common sense to get her back on the show. Just imagine what evil plans she would have! 


Even though she has competed three times,and for some reason robbed out of All-Stars, LeShawna can be a force to be reckon with. First of all, this woman literally can drag you ass in a minute. Fierce,confident, and funny. She's even good at challenges,TDI proved that. Until ofcourse, that Final 5 voting twist which she was robbed in. Literally one of the most unfair eliminations ever. She came back in TDA and TDWT, but not in the full force and confidence we saw her in TDI. I want the old LeShawna back! This woman kicks literal ass.


Trent is easily one of the likeable characters in Total Drama. He's chill, cool, and relatable. His relationship with Gwen is one of the best romances on the show. Then came Total Dram Action, and ruined everything. Not only did the guy go literally insane, but we never got closure to the Gwen and Trent. Yes i know they broke up,but we never got his point of view, or how it affected him. Other than that, he deserves another chance at the million! 

And thats another end,to another blog! I hope you liked this entry! Which character do you think needs to return?

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