Total Drama has been running for 5 seasons now! It has given us many memorable moments, and some...horrible ones. However, we can all agree that the show still has potential that has not been achieved yet.

With Total Drama stuck in a renewal limbo, its time to take a look at some flaws the series had, and what steps it should take incase it got renewed! 

Better writers

Writing is essential for any series, its whats makes a series enjoyable. Total Drama had one of the moments genius writing,and one of the funniest, ive ever seen. However, TDRIOT and TD All Stars seem to disagree. It felt like these two seasons where mega rushed, not to mention being stupid at times, such as Dakota turning into RADIOACTIVE MONSTER, not only is it cheesy, but its also a complete rip off from Ezekiel. Its just lazy and unentertaining, not to mention terrible character development. Aside from that, it seems the writers DONT know what to do with the secondary characters most of the time, or instead of getting interesting characters, they just fill the show with fodder ones, aka Pahkitew Island. Just WHY? You have a cast of 14 characters, make it worth it darn it!

Target Audience and Tone

If we take a look back, Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action seemed to have a different feel to the show, a mature tone,not only that, it featured cussying and censoring. So,in a way, it was kind of targetted towards teenagers. Then TDWT Came and the tone changed a bit too! It became more comedic.Then came TDROTI,All Stars, and Pahkitew Island. Which all of these seasons seemed to be more childish than the preceeding installments,not that theres anything wrong with that. Its just TD seems to be jumping ships between target audience, and the tone. What do you want, kids or teenagers, funny or dramatic? or just both? Target audience is very important to a show, and TD must decide on who they want, you cant have season 1 be mature, and have a dumbed down season 2. I get that experimenting tones and ideas is good, but youre talking about a multi seasoned show, not only that but its also a reality show. You have to decide what the tone and target audience is.


Over the course of 5 seasons,we've had plenty of characters, in sum we have a total of 52 characters introduced! Thats awesome and huge! But in reality,almost 22 of these characters have gotten development. Otherwise are either sidelined or just fodder such as Katie and Sadie,Leonard,Staci,etc..

As a reality show, i get that theres some extra characters,but that doesnt mean these characters have to be meaningless. Thats not creative or smart, thats just lazy. If youre going to have characters,make them interesting and memorable, no one cares for stupid characters. 

Other than that, make USE of the characters. I mean, its a REALITY SHOW, the characters can be used at any time, like Trent and Eva which we havent seen in forever, and also had some terrible character writing.

In short, make a list of characters that are diverse AND interesting, and do them justice! 

Fresh Season

I think this one speaks for itself.We need to get a new season full of a fresh 16-18 characters,and a new island! Not only would it be refreshing to see another new cast, but also a great return to television once TD comes back! 

Dont get me wrong, i love the old characters, but i always like seeing new ones,and what they can bring to the show. Just look at TD:The Ridonculous Race and how fun it was to see a bunch of new people! 

I honestly think this would be a great move by Total Drama. 


A theme should always be present in each season, its what makes it differ from other installments!

So far, weve had an Island Themed,Musical,All Stars,and a Movie themed seasons. We just need one for season 6! Such as Second Chances, or Coaches,Couples, or whatever! i dont know! There so many different and possible themes! 

I for one, loved the musical theme, its what made Total Drama World Tour so great! Its whats made it different and unique from the others! 

So thats it!! What do YOU think TD should do? Oh and sorry if the writing got bad near the end, i kind of got tired and sleepy lol

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