• Taeland

    Total Drama has a combined total number of 52 contestants (not counting Ridonculous Race contestants). With that huge of a number, some characters dont get their time to shine, some even just forgotten. 

    In this list, I will include 5 characters who SHOULD return,incase their was another returnee season. Enough chatter! LETS GO!

    Ever since Total Drama Island, Eva has been barely included in anything, other than cameo apperances. From a character stand point, her camoes in Total Drama World Tour showed little hints that Eva can be a likeable character if given the chance. Hell even her revenge storyline in No Pain No Game was interesting to see, but sadly it was also taken away. I would of loved to see Eva a little more on the island, and the…

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  • Taeland

    Total Drama has been running for 5 seasons now! It has given us many memorable moments, and some...horrible ones. However, we can all agree that the show still has potential that has not been achieved yet.

    With Total Drama stuck in a renewal limbo, its time to take a look at some flaws the series had, and what steps it should take incase it got renewed! 

    A theme should always be present in each season, its what makes it differ from other installments!
    So far, weve had an Island Themed,Musical,All Stars,and a Movie themed seasons. We just need one for season 6! Such as Second Chances, or Coaches,Couples, or whatever! i dont know! There so many different and possible themes! 
    I for one, loved the musical theme, its what made Total Drama World To…

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