Okay. I've never done an opinions blog before. I don't know why, but I haven't. But with the request of a certain user , I've decided to write down why are Trent and Dakota my favourite characters. Please note that I've never done an opinions blog before, so don't blame me if this blog won't sound good.

If this blog sounds too boring for you, please leave now. Thanks.

So, let's begin...I guess? 


I like and I've liked Dakota since the time TDROTI got leaked in the Christmas of 2011. It was in French, and I didn't understood anything back then. But I felt something special for Dakota after I've finished the first episode. I felt that somehow, she will be fodder, but she will be an interesting fodder. After finishing watching, I've began to like her.

Episode 2 aired, and I loved the first half. I loved how Dakota started to interact with Sam, even though I didn't realise what was going on. I thought something like "Wow, this fodder interacts!", even though she seemed to be obsessed with her phone till then.

The second half made me dislike Dakota once again, seeing that she completely forgot about Sam, and her selfish part came again.

I expected her to be eliminated honestly. I was actually sad that a good character that looked fodder was eliminated without their plot ended. I still knew somehow was still there to show.

I don't really remember episode 3, but all I can say is that I was very happy to see Dakota returning, even though I didn't understood she became an intern back then.

Episodes aired, and I began to learn that Dakota was still there, as Chris's helper. It was fun to see her, even though the quality was too poor to get what she was doing as an intern. But the mistery about Sam still wasn't solved. 

In episode 6, I somehow understood that they interacted again, but I wasn't sure about their relationship. I didn't get if they became just friends, an official couple, or enemies.

Episode 8 wasn't uploaded, but I knew Dakota was mutated. I was sad, but I knew Dakota was sent home holding Sam, while kissing. That made me happier, knowing that their plot was somehow ended in a good way.

In the finale, when I thought she was back to normal, she was still a mutant. I was actually dissapointed, but, I actually realised something.
Dakota vs. Mutant Turtle 2

Dakota fought a giant turtle for Sam...And she is still hated?

Dakota, after becoming a mutant, was happy. I've never seen her sad when the camera showed the eliminated contestants. She was just happy. As a mutant. After all her beautiful facial features, and chances to have a beautiful boyfriend being ruined, she still smiled. Meaning that she was happy. The only reason to be happy was Sam, since he was still with her. Unlike girls who kissed 199392 boys, Dakota kissed and remained with only one guy: Sam. Yes. After all the things Chris has done to her, Dakota was still able to smile and to be happy along with Sam.

This is why I like Dakota. A character that, in 3 episodes where she competed in, managed to leave a huge mark. And a good one.

After all, I wouldn't call her fodder. I would call her a middle character. Since, unlike B or Staci, she had a plot that lasted till the end.

Now, moving on...


Surprising or not, before joining this wiki I hated Trent, like the most of the TD fandom. But after joining, I realised that Trent was a blank card for me. I didn't know a lot about him, that's why I hated him. Mostly because of his 9 obsession. But I didn't see the actual good part...

Trent was, and I think that he is one of the best boyfriends of Total Drama. Let's think.

In the first episodes, he was that kind of boy you meet in every school. He was nice to everyone, and he somehow developed an interaction for Gwen. As being little, I didn't really knew what was going on, but I knew they liked each other.

In Phobia Factor, Trent left Gwen alone under the sand. Okay, he did that, it's a bit ridiculous, but why was Gwen mad at him for almost 10 episodes? It's a mistake, but it's not like Trent left Gwen alone because he went to go and kiss another girl. But moving on, he was pretty naive in TDI. After their making-up, he became one of Heather's victims. He went home, and got back with Gwen. His plot was practically finished for that season. But think: The whole season, all Trent did was trying to get back with Gwen. When she was mad at him for doing a litte mistake, Trent still liked her and tried to get back up. When Heather kissed him, he still felt something was wrong, and in the end he tried to get back with Gwen in the end. But the main reason why people hate him is TDA.

In the first 2 episodes, Trent and Gwen continued their relationship. Trent almost lost the challenge because of a necklace Gwen gave him. Yes Gwen tehnically cost him the challenge. But Trent managed to still catch that egg somehow. Whatever, it was all fine, until episode 3, when Gwen chose Duncan. I do not have anything to say, Trent kinda overreacted, but that episode Gwen seemed so relaxed, like Trent wasn't even there. Even though, Trent still tried to act normal, and after the challenge, they met by Trent's request. Yes, again, Trent stood loyal to Gwen after she almost kissed a guy that hates her boyfriend.

Trent hero

He does that for the girl who will cheat on him and break-up without any reason.

In the fourth episode, the nine obsession was a bit awkward, but Trent remained the same old guy. But what would you expect from a guy who sees his girlfriend cheating to his face? To stay calm like nothing happened? Of course he freaked out! He became a freak only because of Gwen.

Before the second part of the challenge, when Trent tried to talk with Gwen, she ran away. Nice going, Gwen! Your boyfriend tries to talk with you and you run like you don't know him. Whatever, this blog is about Trent, not Gwen. Trent still loved her.

At the end of the challenge, Gwen was seen dancing in the party ignoring Trent. After all the things he has done to her, Gwen forgets Trent like nothing happened in the past 2 months. Whatever, Trent was still a loyal guy.

The biggest problem is in the fifth episode, when, after the challenge, they broke up, due to Gwen's request. Justin managed to get Trent voted off, and aftter Gwen gave the permission to the other team to vote off Trent, he still had faith in her and tried to say goodbye to his girlfriend.

The funny thing is, that unlike any other contestant that could've found another girlfriend, Trent stood loyal to Gwen after all, and as it's seen in the latest appearances of him, he seems like he still loves Gwen. Of course, he chose Lindsay in Riot On Set only to make Gwen jealous, but let's face it, it's easy to see that he was just acting.

In the end, Trent remains a good character for me, that, after all the things his ex-girlfriend has done to her, he still...loves her.

That was it.

Thank you guys for reading. This is why I like Trent and Dakota so much. Hope you liked this blog. Feel free to comment anything you'd like. See ya!

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