There are 4 theories. c: Hey guys! TRR here, with...

Ok, you know all of these intros, let's get started.

Most of you probably have theories about Total Drama. From funny ones to I'm-definitely-not-gonna-sleep-tonight ones. Today, I listed 4 of the most entertaining theories about Total Drama.

4. Camp Wawanakwa is haunted?

Ok, so this one is about Camp Wawanakwa. Remember all those funny challenges in TDI you watched 8 years ago? Well, some of them are a bit weird. Like the Hook Line and Screamer, Phobia Phactor, Big Sleep. Some of the animals, also, are very human-alike. And Chris mentioned hundred of times about how this was an old summer-camp, but never explained what happened to the kids who stood here. Maybe they died? Maybe they turned into animals? Maybe they were eaten by Staci? You never know.

Camp Wawanakwa from Above

3. A "jail"?

I've got this theory from a Romanian guy on Youtube. It's about the contestants being actually arrested people, for different reasons: stealing, being escorts, killing people, etc. And the main idea is that these people are put under the pressure for a summer, to see how they can react by meeting people like them, and week by week they get eliminated, they go to Playa Des Losers (even though that place is luxurious, they will stay there forever). In the end, one of them wins the money and is the only who gets free. That is for TDI, but it's available for every season.


2. No one wins?

There are alternate endings, right? And there are always 2 endings for everyone. But what if no one actually wins, and they record the finale just for fun? I mean, the winners always lose the money after their moment of glory. This theory isn't that important though, but it's still something.


1. This is all in Chris' imagination?

Yes. Remember what happened in the first episode of TDAS? Of course you do, lol. Chris played with some bugs like they were Duncan and Lightning. The funny thing is that Total Drama never happened, but Chris went in jail, and the reason for that is because he was very sadistic and tried to kill people, or something like that. Then, after he went in the jail, he started to think what would happen if his dream competition happened.

Heroes vs. Villains - 8

In the end,

that was it for today. Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. See ya next time :)

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