Hi guys! It's TRRFan, with a new blog.

This time, I'm gonna ask you a question: What if Haute Camp-ture was actually a modeling challenge, as it was scripted on Teletoon's website?

I honestly think it would've been better, because Leshawna's elimination would've been... you know...normal?

That's what I think about the original episode script (it's just a prediction, don't take it as I found out the official one):

  • Heather and Leshawna had a major fight in the beginning of the episode, so they became mortal enemies.
  • Gwen was on Leshawna's side, but she didn't fought Heather like Leshawna did.
  • Owen and Duncan created a little alliance, but at the end of the episode they broke it up. However, they had to reunite back in a future episode .
  • The challenge had 2 parts:
    1. Make an unique design, judged by Chris, Chef and an intern. (Only 3 people made it to the part 2)
    2. Walk down the big great Wawanakwa Catwalk.
  • The winner had to instantly eliminate a contestant.
  • Heather won the challenge, and of course, she eliminated Leshawna.

So ... Which version do you prefer?

Which version do you think it's better?

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Thanks for reading. See you next time, and for those competing, good luck in Mainspace Race!