Hi guys! It's TRR, with my old blog: TRR: Your way! I decided to start this competition again... But this time, I will edit this blog, I won't make more blogs... So... Let's get started again! Haha! (If you want to know what happened in the first 6 episodes, visit my other blogs)

Episode 7

Last time, on The Ridonculous Race: Your Way! 14 teams arrived to Zimbabwe, where they had to make a lot of selfies! Best Friends stepped up their game! The Ice Dancers had their first penalty! In the end, the Adversity Twins got the last place. What will happen now? Find out right here... On.... TRR: Your Way!

Name: Sailing for the first place 

Location: Sweden

Challenge: Make a boat out of some planks/ Fish 5 meatballs/ Race to the chill zone

First Place: Sisters

Last Place: Vegans

Episode 8

Last time, on the Ridonculous Race: Your Way! We visited Sweden. The teams had to make some boats. Some made some amazing boats, while some...Dropped out. The Sisters managed to get 1st, while the Vegans didn't even finish eating the meatballs, because they were eliminated. Phew! Those hippies freaked me out! Today, we will be visiting the city of love... Guessed? Haha! Find out what will happen on...TRR: Your way!

Name: French is an Eiffel Language

Location: Paris

Challenge: Same as the real show

First Place: Rockers

Last Place: Tennis Rivals

Episode 9

Last time! We visited Paris, aka the city of love. Rock and Spud managed to come in first! Carrie ALMOST told Devin what she feels for him! In the end, the Tennis Rivals came in last, making them to go home. What will happen now? Stau tuned. .. here... On TRR :Your way!

Name: Path to Lame

Location: Hollywood 

Challenge: The person who didn't drew in Paris must create an outfit for the other teammate/ The team must act in front of a famous actor,  which will give them the tip or not/ Race to the chill zone

First Place: You decide!

Last Place: You decide!

Teams still in the running:


Father and Son



Adversity Twins

Reality TV Pros

Surfer Dudes

Mom and Daughter

Best Friends

Police Cadets

Ice Dancers


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