Hey guys! It's TRR here.

It's been a while since I made a blog about The Ridonculous Race. But since everyone is doing it, why not make a blog about my way of TDRR 2?

Before we start talking, let's meet the cast! 

The Group Photo Small TDRR2TRR

Here it is! Some old faces, either from TD or the last season, some familiar faces that appeared but never competed, and some newbies!

In order: The Eating Freaks, The Father and Daughter, The Lovebirds, The Fashion Bloggers, The Delinquents, The Cousins, The Adversity Twins, The Opposite Twins, The Musicians, The Vegans, The Zombie Seekers, The Mother and Son, The Ex-Hosts, The Fangirls, The Ice Dancers, The Punkers, The BFFFL's and The Brothers.

Soon I'll make another short blog about how the elimination order will proceed and some more informations about the countries they will visit, plots, etc. But for now, feel free to ask me any question you want about this, and even make a prediction if you want, since I LOVE predictions. :)

But please do not ask me spoilers like "Is that team going far" or "Is that team going to last further than that team", cuz they are spoiling the fun. So yeah, I'm not answering these type of questions.

That was it and see ya later with another blog! Bye! :D

Note: This blog is about my dream cast for season 2 of TDRR. I'm not advertising anything, spamming or intending to do anything like that. Also, please do not use this photo or the cast of this photo without my permission. Thank you.