Hi guys! It's me, TRR, and today I'm here with another blog. Today I want to discuss about the smartest contestant. Ok, I don't reffer to that kind of smartness (Cameron, Scarlett), I'm talking about the person who made the smartest moves in the game. There are a lot of options, but let's see some of them:


Ok, so Heather IS SMART. We all know that. She debuted in TDI like a true villain, then, she made the first alliance from the show. Her gameplay was good, and she did things very fast. Picking the dumbest contestants was a good move, according that Lindsay didn't got suspicious after Beth got eliminated. She did things easy, until Lindsay was eliminated. But after all these things, she wasn't suspected as a threat. No one allied aganist her, not even in the final 5 or 4. She was hated by everyone, LeShawna and Gwen tried to eliminate her, but she wasn't eliminated by votes. In the end, she got out by an auto-elimination challenge, but her gameplay was still good and didn't even fail a bit.

In TDA, she didn't had a strategy at all. She didn't have a big role, according that she was eliminated in the middle of the game.

In TDWT, her main threat was Alejandro. She made a lot of alliances aganist Alejandro, but after all of these, she ended up in the finale with him. Again, this season she wasn't eliminated by votes, showing that everyone forgot what happened in TDI.

TDAS wasn't such a good season to talk about. She didn't act like a villain, being eliminated by the one she wanted gone. Looks like karma got her. Hehe.

In the end, I think Heather is one of the smartest contestants. I don't know how she did this. She's just smart.


Yes, you heard it. LeShawna. In TDI, she wasn't a threat. She didn't even made villainous moves. But she hated Heather, and tried to make alliances aganist her. She was one of the contestants who tried hardly to eliminate Heather, but in the end, she was eliminated by an accident. After all, she wasn't eliminated by votes, so, she was pretty smart in TDI.

In TDA, her Heather-hate wasn't over. She wanted Heather gone. And she did it. Her alliance with Duncan and Harold worked, according that the only member left in the team besides them was Heather. Leshawna saw her dream. Later, she was eliminated by Courtney, but she was still very smart.

In TDWT, her elimination was... Weird. I still don't understand why Lindsay and DJ voted for her. She wasn't a villain or something. But she was backstabbed by Alejandro. That season, she wasn't so smart. But what she did to Heather in Germany... Man, that was awesome!

After all these moments, Leshawna proved that she was smart. And if she competes again, I wonder what kind of surprises she has to show.


Oh, Courtney. In TDI, she was bland. Nice, but bland. She was friendly. Her relationship with Duncan was nice, and she got eliminated by Harold. Actually, she wasn't eliminated by votes, because Harold rigged them, so that means she wasn't a threat.

In TDA, she was SMART. Being a debuter, Courtney eliminated a person in the first episode she appeared. And she continued. A lot of people, going home, because of her... In the end, she was eliminated by votes. But man, her strategy that season was awesome, and she was a nice villain!

In TDWT, she was bland again. She didn't exist until Duncan returned. After all, she became Leshawna, because she wanted to eliminate Gwen. She did it. And after all, she got played. But she still did something.

TDAS was a bad season for her. She fixed up things with Gwen, and she almost eliminated someone. Almost. She was suspected to be a threat, sending her home. She wasn't smart that season.

Courtney proved that she isn't dumb. She is smart. She is a CIT. With attitude. And if she returns, I'm sure she will make it very far.


Alejandro. He debuted in TDWT, making him the only character Sierra didn't know about. He made 3 girls' hearts broken, and he made a lot of people mad. He helped, but he eliminated people. In the end, he fought aganist Heather, making him a smart character that season.

In TDAS, he eliminated Heather, and he got a lot of hate for that. After, Mal eliminated him. Still a smart character!
Alejandro tells Heather to call him


Alejandro had an awesome strategy. That's why I think he's smart.

That was it! Who do you think is the smartest character? It can be anyone, even if it wasn't on this list! Tell me in the comment section!

Hope you liked this blog, because it's one of my longest blogs at the moment. Bye for now! :)

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