Hi guys! It's TRR, with another blog.

So, we know that The Surfer Dudes returned after Carrie and Devin were sent home. People complained for a team returning this late into the game, and also for winning the competition. My question is: What if the surfers didn't return, or even more, Carrie and Devin chose another team to return? Let's talk about the 2 cases:

The Surfer Dudes didn't return

Ok, so, after Carrie and Devin left, Don didn't say anything about the returning team, leaving the Sisters, the Cadets and the Ice Dancers the final 3.

What are your opinions? What will happen on Bahamarama? What will happen on the finale?

Carrie chose another team to return

When the Best Friends were eliminated, Carrie chose another team to return. 

Who is that team? What will happen next?

Leave your opinions in the comment section! Bye for now! :)

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