As we all know the next season of Total Drama has been announced, I decided to think a bit about it.

"Who will be in?"

"What will be the theme?"

"What kind of plots will there be?"

So many questions! And we don't know the answers yet. More than that, we won't do until TD6 is becoming near airing. :(

However, what if the fandom, aka us, decided everything that happened in the next season?

I made a few polls featuring questions that you will have to answer! That's right, haha! Let's see what would happen if YOU decided the next Total Drama season. All you have to do is to choose a few options of things you want to see this season. (The answer may contain multiple choices as well as only one.)

Here is the poll featuring the female contestants.

Here is the poll featuring the male contestants.

Here is the poll featuring this season's location.

Here is the poll featuring the number of episodes.

Here is the poll featuring the hosts/other staff.

Here is the poll featuring the cast size.

If there are enough answers, I might as well as do a full list of the cast and some other details that you chose.

Until then, stay tuned. See y'all!

Note.1: Nothing of what will happen in these polls will affect the canon series in any way. This game is done just for fun and it has no connection to the franchise.

Note.2: The idea of this blog was inspired by this.


After 3 days of waiting, it's time to reveal the cast! Thanks for everyone who voted.

Total Drama 6

The "Dream Season" would take place anywhere but the locations used previously, would be 26 episodes long + a special at the end, and would contain these characters, voted by you! Hosted by, of course, Chris, alongside Chef as a helper.

Now... Let the predictions begin. :3

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