Hey guys! It's TRR (Trent) with another blog.

A lot of you maybe don't know what's wrong with this blog. Well, I'm gonna talk about the fans' predictions before the official season!

I know this blog may be boring, so if you don't like it.... Don't read it.

I'm gonna rank how much the fandom's prediction seemed like the canon version. 

Because TDI was the very first season so people didn't know what it was about, and TDA/TDWT had the original cast, I'll talk about TDROTI and TDPI!


Nothing too much to talk about Beardo. He was not hated, not loved. Also, everyone knew he was going to be eliminated first. 

So, he gets a 2/10, because no one really knew anything about him, except that he was eliminated first.


Or Eggplant...Haha. (That's how he used to be called when the promotional picture aired)

No one expected his alliance with Scarlett, and he was a surprise character when he made final 6. Everyone thought he will going to be an early out.

So, he gets a 4/10.


This girl was UNEXPECTED. Everyone thought of her being the usual type of nerd fodder. I still remember someone who thought she will be an antagonist.

I'll give her a 2.5/10.


Since the ep.1 plot aired, everyone thought he will date Sky, but no one knew his plot...His personality was predicted right.

7.5/10 for Dave.


Everyone thought her color scheme will be like Snow White. But that's all. We all knew her personality was going to be like a Fairy Tale Princess Larper or whatever.



This guy was a blank page until TDPI officialy aired. Everyone knew he was gonna be a zombie-hater, but no one knew his long plot.

Sorry Shawn, but I can't give you more than 2/10.


The only thing no one knew about her is that she was gonna be an antagonist.

Otherwise, 8.5/10.


I hate to agree, but everyone knew everything about him, except his placement, which was barely impossible to guess.



Same with Dave.


To be continued...

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