Hey guys! It's TRRFan6, and today I'm gonna ask you guys a question: If you had the possibility to create another team and make it competing, what members would it have? 

Here's an example:

Team name: The Chefs

Team members: Lola (38) and John (41)

Personalities: Lola is a very calm person and agrees everything her partener says, while John is ready to do anything to win.

Team's story: Lola and John work at the same restaurant, and they decided to compete on this show to win the money and expand their business.

Performance: They were a good team, also got a 10 minute penalty in Iceland for complaining about the food they had to eat.

Moments/Quotes: Is this thing called... Food? ~John

                        We came here for the money, not for the fame. Also, come to our restaurant!~Lola

Running Gags: They will try to learn the other teams how to cook.

Team placing: 14/19

They will make an alliance with: N/A

Elimination reason: They were too slow.

And much more. You could also make a Veteran/Newbie team or even a team with both of the members being veterans. Also, you can create how many teams you want! 

Well, good luck and bye for now! :)