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Total Drama: Pahkitew Island has been a pretty great season of Total Drama so far, with generally good characters and plots. However, I do think some improvement could have been made to some of the characters and their interactions, and I have a few problems with the real elimination order. I will express here how I felt the seaon should have gone so far and how I would do the rest of the season, here we go.

I must warn you, only read this if you have seen up to Three Zones and A Baby, unless you don't care about spoilers, then, go ahead and read.

Now, ranking at number 14 is Beardo.

I am sorry Beardo, but I feel as though you have to go first. While I did enjoy you to an extent and like you more than some of the other contestants, well, one other contestant, I feel that it is fitting that you leave the island first.

At number 13 in the elimination list is Leonard


13th Leonard

I'm sorry Leonard fans, but I generally don't like this guy, liking him the least out of this cast. In my version Leonard does pretty much exactly the same as he did in the show.

Now, this is were things get a little different than the show, and next out is Amy.


Amy (returns)

I know, I know, Amy was eliminated in episode 3 in the show too, but I've treated Amy slightly different here. Like Sammy, I feel she was heavily underused during her time on the show, as much of her personality and interactions revolved around her sister, Sammy. In my version, Amy interacts slightly less with Sammy, and has much more interactions with Topher, and the two gain a mutual attraction for eachother.

Tohper, Amy, Samey

Amy and Topher

Amy is eliminated exactly how she is in the show, with her sister taking her place in the competition. But this time, Sammy has to deal with Topher thinking Sammy is Amy, and has to deal with his advances towards her, giving both him and her more interactions.

Next eliminated is Rodney.

Unlike a lot of people, I genuinely enjoyed Rodney during his time on the show, and I found his gimmick to be quite humerous, however, I would make changes to Rodney. In my version, Rodney only falls "in love" with two girls, Jasmine and Scarlett, Jasmine he "loves" for the first two episodes, then starts to fall in love with Scarlett in episode 3, causing him to "break up" with Jasmine. Here, Scarlett takes advantage of his obvious feelings for her and begins to manipulate him into throwing the challenge for their team by not answering his truth questions with the correct answers, causing his elimination.

Now, onto episode 5, were the episode pretty much plays out in a similar fashion, with the added bonus of Sammy and Topher. Amy returns in this episode in the same way she does on the show, and her and Sammy's bickering causes the two to lose the challenge for their team. However, no one is eliminated in this episode.

In episode 6, the next person eliminated is... dare I say it... Ella.

Ella TDPI Rank

11th Ella

Now I love Ella, she is one of my favourites of the new cast, but I felt episode 6 was when she should go. Her plot plays out the exact same (with Sugar eliminating her and her singing a goodbye song to her fellow contestants), possibly minus her forced crush on Prince Dave.

Episode 7, we've reached the halfway mark, and a double elimination, and the victims of it are Amy and Sammy


10th/9th - Amy/Sammy

Sammy is tied for my favourite of this cast, along with Sky and Scarlett, but I feel this is were her story should have properly ended. Amy is now mad at Topher for thinking Sammy was her and the two go their seperate ways, with Topher once again focusing heavily on Chris. The sibling conflict in this episode reaches its boiling point, with both of them trying to get their team mates to side with one over the other. Topher and Max take Amy's side, while Jasmine and seemingly Scarlett take Sammy's side.

The two begins to fight just before the finish line of the challenge, but reconcile when Amy begins to admit to her sister that she is jealous of her, after this heart to heart the two sisters become friends, but lose the challenge for their team. At the elimination ceremony, they both recieve 2 votes each, resulting in both of them being eliminated, and the two sisters happily depart the island.

Episode 8 arrives and the eliminate-ee is Topher.

Topher TDPI Rank

8th Topher

His storyline, other than a few more interactions, plays out as the same as the show, with Chris causing his downfall.

Now, here comes my complete speculation, Max is next eliminated in episode 9, and first merger to be eliminated, he is elimated because of actions done by Scarlett.


7th Max

Unlike many I find Max to be a generally good character, he's made me laugh quite a lot this season, but I feel here is were he should depart.

Coming in at 6th place is Sugar.


6th Sugar

I'm not the biggest Sugar fan in the world, she's one of my lesser favourites this time around, but she is a drama stirrer, so she can stay until episode 10. But, because of her mean actions towards other contestants she recieves karma, no idea what though.

Now it's time for another double elimination, this time in the form of Jasmine and Dave, who are both eliminated in episode 11.


5th/4th - Jasmine

I like these two, albeit Jasmine a lot more, but I believe they should leave because of Scarlett messing with both relationships, causing them both to be eliminated.

Here we are, at the final 3, and we have Sky, Shawn and Scarlett, and in third place is... Scarlett!

Scarlett plan

3rd Scarlett

Scarlett is possibly my favourite overall this season (from what I've seen in the first 8 episodes), but I believe her journey on this island ends here, which will allow her to go far next time around when she and her beautiful ginger hair will undoubtably return to our screens and get good development, possibly similar to Heather in TDWT.

So, there they are, the final two: Sky and Shawn.

Sky and Shawn

1st/2nd - Sky and Shawn

My fave male and one of my fave females of the season go head to head in an epic finale.

So, that's my TDPI, how would your elimination go, comment below.