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    Total Drama: Pahkitew Island has been a pretty great season of Total Drama so far, with generally good characters and plots. However, I do think some improvement could have been made to some of the characters and their interactions, and I have a few problems with the real elimination order. I will express here how I felt the seaon should have gone so far and how I would do the rest of the season, here we go.

    I must warn you, only read this if you have seen up to Three Zones and A Baby, unless you don't care about spoilers, then, go ahead and read.

    Now, ranking at number 14 is Beardo.

    I am sorry Beardo, but I feel as though you have to go first. While I did enjoy you to an extent and like you more than some of the other contestants, well, one …

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    Well, which original contestants would you like to see talk and interact with the Pahkitew contestants, and specifically which ones?

    Since the All-Stars aren't coming back next season I'd like to potentially see these two interact, a mean girl and the nice nerd is always a fun pair to watch.

    Maybe Leonard and Harold, Noah and Scarlett, they would be fun to watch.

    Please comment below.

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