Ok this is my very first blog post. It's also the first thing I've done on this wikia, so please bare with me. Also before I continue I just want to say this post will not contain any spoilers. The least it will contain is the new contestants personality and their relationship with some of the contestants. So now thats out of the way Im going to start it off!

First Im going to start with Ella,

Ella is a very unique character (well most of them are) she parodies the typical singing princess. While this sounds funny it can get annoying at times, but she does have some good moments. She also has a minor conflict with Sugar as of now, so I hope their conflict is more involved in later episodes. As of now I get a few laughs from her now and then, but other than that I dont expect much from her.

Dave, he's Noah right? Yea not really. Out of everyone on his team he's the most normal person. While normal isn't usually funny, he has good moments whether its being annoyed by is teammates or freaking out because he got a little muddy. For now though I think he's ok, but I could see him becoming something more than just ok.

Amy and Samey. I expected Amy to boss Samey around a lot, while she's does do that it's just a little to much for me. I wouldn't mind her being mean to her, but she's more of a bi*** than Courtney at some points. Like I love the mean/antagonist people I'm just not feeling anything for Amy. As for Samey she is everything I expected her to be, I'm rooting for her more than Amy as of now.

Rodney, when it was said that he falls in love with girls every time there nice to him I thought it was histerical. When seeing it on screen I thought ok it's not to bad so I'll see how it plays out more. When the second episode came around, and he fell in love with a different girl I thought it was better than the first time. Especially when he broke up with the first girl it was funny since she was so confused. With that being said I think Rodney might surprise us in some way.

Shawn, a lot of people expected him to be a bad boy in some shape or form. I will go ahead and say that Shawn was the one that I had high hopes for. While he wasnt a bad boy he was more of a loner (tdi Gwen style) yes he is a loner but a loner thats afraid of zombies. Since it turned out hes in a relationship with Jasmine, although there not dating yet. I expect him to do good and surprise us with something in the series. So im going to keep an eye out on him.

Topher, in the first two episodes we didn't get much interaction with him and other characters besides Chris. It was shown that hes a fan of Chris and wants to be just like him, even trying to take over some of Chris's job like cutting to commercials. I expect him to be average, since we didnt get much of him.

Scarlett, while she didnt talk much she interacted with Max quite a bit. To me she seemed like a mother figure to Max like making his plans work and gives him credit so he'll happy that he accomplished his goals. As of now theres not much to say but I will say she interests me.

Sky, Zoey 2.0? Nope while she is a pretty protagonist she actually has a personality and a reason to be athletic. She even showed that she was more interesting on during the competition then falling in love. Like most contestants should do but you know whatevs. While I'm not interested in her that much I expect her to do good in the competition.

Beardo, yes he is somwhat funny and I will say I enjoyed him a lot more then I expected compared to people like Staci and Ezekiel. I know its not a whole lot but thats pretty much all i want to say about him.

Jasmine, LeShawna's friend? Haha no. She is like the female Manitoba, but better to me. She can survive in the wild like the naturalist surviver she is. While, her appearance makes her seem mean and bossy she's not. She tries to show that she can be nice and friendly. Plus shes going to be in a relationship with Shawn. I have high hopes for her probably my favorite female for now. So I cant wait to see more of her.

Leonard, a larper whats that? Ok I've seen quite a bit of larpers (live action role players) and I must say he takes it to the extreme. I have mix feelings about him sometimes I think hes funny then other times I found him annoying so I dont really know what to think of him.

Max, the new Mal? Not even close. He's a failed villian trying to create schemes but fails miserably. Which I find quite funny at times. Some people hate his appearance while I dont mind it. I cant wait to see more of him!

Sugar, shes a redneck what can I say. She has started some conflicts in just the two episodes. As of now I dont know what to think of her so I'll just wait and see how her character plays out.

Ok thats it for my first blog and please tell me your opinions on them in the comments!

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