Ok Im bored so I've decided to do MY TDPI rankings, so feel free to comment your opinion! 

14.)Topher (Yea yea hate if you want.)


Ok I'm probably the only one that dislikes him to this extent, but let me explain why. Ok out of all the characters I feel like all of them have made me laugh or had interactions that I enjoyed, but Topher has not. I felt like his only plot was pointless, especially since we knew it would fail, and it did. So I see no point for him as a contestant.

13.)Rodney File:RodneyInLoveAgain.png

Ok I felt like he was pointless, like why have him fall in love with multiple girls just to get rid of him in a few episodes. I will say I found him funny at some points. When I didn't find him funny I found him either annoying or forgettable. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, as long as they make use of his gimmick.

12.)Amy (Yep you're going to hate me.)


Amy, using the confessional.

Before you say "Oh you only dislike her because you like nice people" to that I say nay. I  like the mean people they're what make it interesting, but with Amy I only felt like she was there for Samey only. She didn't have much of a plot, but to make Amy stand up for herself. With that being said she mainly revolved around Samey, which made her not interesting, to me.

11.) Dave

Anti dave pin

Dave votes himself off to garanitze Sky's security

Ok I loved him in the beginning, but as the series went on he became so much of a crybaby. Then he became controlling (Not letting Sky finish talking), last but not least in the end he became abusive to the people he considered friends. If his personality stayed like he was in the beginning then he would probably be in my top 7.



I loved Beardo even just from the one episode we saw him. He was funny, even when it was just sound effects, but I don't really know why I like him so much. Oh and don't get me started on his slow motion scene, that "stuff" was hilarious. My one complaint is he didn't talk, which is why I wish he stayed so he could warm up to everyone.

9.)Leonard ( I dont care if you disagree I like him.)

Ok, this part will pretty much be bias so you can skip him. I love Leonard his whole wizard non-sense is hilarious. I just wish we would have atleast got one more episode out of him, but oh well. While he didn't have really any plot I though him being comic relief made up for it, although he did have something going on with Sugar. I just we got more into that plot, but oh well.



Sky admits to liking Dave.

First of all I found her athleticism enjoyable, unlike some red head. The one thing that dissapointed me was that she started off as a nice girl then in the end she throws a tantrum when she doesn't get what she wanted, but then shortly after she acted like the money didn't matter to her, by being all relaxed. One thing I feel like her plot with Dave was pointless, after writing this I dont even know why I like her.



Samey in the confessional.

I for one felt like Samey was nicely developed in her short amount of time. She was really likable, and what she did to Amy was nice payback for being bullied all her life. She was probably one of the most developed although she didn't interact as much as the others, but oh well.



I felt like Scarlett succeded her purpose for being on the show, although she failed. I at first felt like she was going to be a female Cameron, but I was happily surprised. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect about her, and there is nothing I would do differently.


Ella TDPI Rank

11th Ella

Ella was really enjoyable I like everything about her. Her songs were amazing, and wish she stayed around a little longer, but everyones got to go I guess. She was always cheerful, and always looked on the positive side of things which I really enjoyed. Oh and her elimination was amazing!!



Ok, ok I admit I love Max, I find him to be hilarious like seriously. He's like my favorite comic relief of the season. I find his whole "I'm going to take over the world MWUHAHA" phrase funny. Sure he may be considered ugly, but I don't care since I like his personality.



Sugar oh sugar you are amazing, except for your talent it's awful. Now I know some people hate her fart humor and all that, but I don't mind it since her plot doesn't revolve around farting. I also liked how she was comic relief but also an antagonist, I really enjoyed that about her.

2.) Jasmine <3


Now, I can't decide between her or #1, but I'll just put her here. Jasmine has monstrous strong, and she stands up for herself. I like how she's a strong female competitor, yet she's still nice. I thought her interactions were nicely done, and dont even get me started on her and Shawn. I thought it was the best relationship done in a while, since it was nice and steady yet it had its bumps in the road.

1.) Shawn!!


Shawn destroying a robot-copy of Chris, something the real Chris isn't please of.

I loved Shawn, I felt like he was nicely developed in is 13 episodes. I also though his zombie fear was hilarious, although it got annoying at some points, but barely. He was always a team player, after about episode 2? He found shelter for them, helped them with food, I just really like how he was portrayed. Like Jasmine their plot was well done, and I couldn't asked for a better relationship this season.

If you actually read all of this which you probably didn't, then cheers!!