Before I start I just want to say im counting TDAS and TDPI as seperate seasons. Also please put your opinion in the comment section. (I love reading responses.) Also please don't be like oh your opinion sucks or you have bad taste , just your opinion on ranks, ok?

6.) Total Drama All Stars -  I will say it started off good, but it ended poorly. I loved how they made the two generations have different interatcions with each other, whether it was a conflict between Heather and Jo or a friendship between Duncan and Zoey. It was good but it didn't focus on it all that much, at the most it lasted 3 episodes and probably no more! Also, dont even get me started on the dropped plot lines. I would give it about a 6.8/10


5.) Total Drama Action - Whooh yea a sequel to Island! Sadly I was disappointed with Action, but I will say I loved the movie themed challenges. I also liked how the brought some less important characters from Island and made them important for Action. What I didn't like was that there was way to many characters being brought back and way to many reward challenges that made it feel like it was being dragged out. It was overal decent with a hint of boring added to it. 7.6/10                      File:TDA.PNG      

4.) Total Drama Revenge of the Island - First time seeing a new cast its going to be awful. That's exactly what I thought but after I watched it I thought it wasn't half bad. The cast was interesting, bland, funny it was just a variety of them. The main problem I had with it was the three main characters Zoey, Mike, and Cameron they was just bland and didn't interact with anyone but them. Although I will let Cameron slide, because he talked to more then the three and he got a laugh out of me every once in awhile. With it being radioactive I didn't care for that element, but I didnt hate it either. One thing is they wasted characters that had potential Brick, Anne Maria, and Dawn, but oh well. 8/10 

3.) Total Drama Pahkitew Island - Yet again new contestants, but how did they differ? The contestants in it were all funny and entertaining. They interacted we each other well, even the opposing teams interacted with each other before the merge. Everyone felt like they had a reason to be there, and no one felt like pure fodder to me. It had more of a cartoon feel to it, but not like TDRI. It had good drama whether it was from a relationship or a rivarly it was there in some shape or form. The biggest thing I like was that I never got bored with it, which is why it gets a 8.5/10 
Leaked TDPI Promotional Picture (WM)

The contestants in a group shot, supplied by Webkinz Mania.

2.) Total Drama Island - The very first season evaa! It felt like an amazingly good parody to Survivor, and I like that. It had a very realistic feel to it compared to other seasons. All the characters were interesting in some way. I never once got bored with it, it actually made me laugh out loud which is hard to do. The challenges were simple yet entertaining, especially the paint ball and dodgball matches. The characters had great interactions with each other. The antagonist was believable, and entertaining (im saying entertaing way to much) but overall it was enjoyable. 8.9/10


1.) Total Drama World Tour - Oh man what can I say I love this season. The cast was great the two new characters were amazing. The songs were really enjoyable, although I didnt like them at first they grew on me. My favorite character from the 1st generation did better (Tyler). Believe it or not I found the love triangle enjoyable, since it added DRAMA. My one complaint is how they treated Ezekiel he never deserved it, but I can look past it since he wasn't one of my faves. The antagonist, Alejandro, was great not my favorite antagonist but he was still great. Cody had an amazing run, Tyler and Noah had a decent run. I also like how the took the rest of the non-important character from TDI and made them useful (well except Eva, Katie, and Sadie). 9.5/10 
Tyler Noah Owen

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