Ok, well I was rewatching some episodes, and it got me to thinking about something. Theres been three guys to only appear in one episode, minus interns and contestants, and I for one wouldn't mind seeing them again. If you haven't already guessed who I'm talking about, well it's Josh, Brady, and José. Anyways the point of this blog is to ask you which one would you want to see more of and which one do you think the least of? (By the way this isn't a voting blog.)

Josh, the gossip monger? Who only appeared in the TDA Special, and worked alongside Blaineley.



Brady, the model? Who only appeared in TDA Aftermath: lV, and turned out to actually be dating Beth.

Brady 2



José, the arrogant brother? Who only appeared in TDAS Suckers Punched, as Alejandro's older brother.


José in Suckers Punched

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