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  • TDfanboy'00

    Battle of the gimmicks

    December 24, 2014 by TDfanboy'00

    Hey guys, Fanboy here. By the way I only chose two gimmicks for now. Anyways, I was just wondering why so many of the fans H'ate 'Leonard but Love Ella. Some say Leonard is annoying because he tries to be something (a wizard) that hes not, but the same thing could be said for Ella. I know this comes down to your likes and dislikes, but I want to know why you hate Leonard, love Ella or vice versa. 

    Thats basicallly all, but before I end this I'm going to tell you my opinion. I personally find Leonard funny, but Ella not so much. As for Ella I like the plot she has with Sugar, but I dislike that Leonard doesn't have much plot. Which is why I wish he lasted longer so him and Sugar could've developed more. Heck, if he stayed longer he might've ma…

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  • TDfanboy'00

    3 Guys and 1 episode

    November 26, 2014 by TDfanboy'00

    Ok, well I was rewatching some episodes, and it got me to thinking about something. Theres been three guys to only appear in one episode, minus interns and contestants, and I for one wouldn't mind seeing them again. If you haven't already guessed who I'm talking about, well it's Josh, Brady, and José. Anyways the point of this blog is to ask you which one would you want to see more of and which one do you think the least of? (By the way this isn't a voting blog.)

    Josh, the gossip monger? Who only appeared in the TDA Special, and worked alongside Blaineley.

    Brady, the model? Who only appeared in TDA Aftermath: lV, and turned out to actually be dating Beth.


    José, the arrogant brother? Who only appeared in TDAS Suckers Punched, as Alejandro's…

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  • TDfanboy'00

    Ok I'm probably the only one that dislikes him to this extent, but let me explain why. Ok out of all the characters I feel like all of them have made me laugh or had interactions that I enjoyed, but Topher has not. I felt like his only plot was pointless, especially since we knew it would fail, and it did. So I see no point for him as a contestant.

    13.)Rodney File:RodneyInLoveAgain.png

    Ok I felt like he was pointless, like why have him fall in love with multiple girls just to get rid of him in a few episodes. I will say I found him funny at some points. When I didn't find him funny I found him either annoying or forgettable. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him, as long as they make use of his gimmick.

    Before you say "Oh you only dislike her bec…

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  • TDfanboy'00

    Season Rankings

    July 1, 2014 by TDfanboy'00

    Before I start I just want to say im counting TDAS and TDPI as seperate seasons. Also please put your opinion in the comment section. (I love reading responses.) Also please don't be like oh your opinion sucks or you have bad taste , just your opinion on ranks, ok?

    6.) Total Drama All Stars -  I will say it started off good, but it ended poorly. I loved how they made the two generations have different interatcions with each other, whether it was a conflict between Heather and Jo or a friendship between Duncan and Zoey. It was good but it didn't focus on it all that much, at the most it lasted 3 episodes and probably no more! Also, dont even get me started on the dropped plot lines. I would give it about a 6.8/10


    5.) Total Drama A…

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  • TDfanboy'00

    Ok this is my very first blog post. It's also the first thing I've done on this wikia, so please bare with me. Also before I continue I just want to say this post will not contain any spoilers. The least it will contain is the new contestants personality and their relationship with some of the contestants. So now thats out of the way Im going to start it off!

    First Im going to start with Ella,

    Ella is a very unique character (well most of them are) she parodies the typical singing princess. While this sounds funny it can get annoying at times, but she does have some good moments. She also has a minor conflict with Sugar as of now, so I hope their conflict is more involved in later episodes. As of now I get a few laughs from her now and then,…

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