Hey guys sorry if I havent been posting a lot i have been very busy with school and band practice so i won't post a lot so yeah sorry for not posting and lets get started with today's blog.

So there's no total drama creepypasta on the internet and i thought of the idea to make one but the rule is it has to be your original idea not like I was an intern at cartoon network. It has to be made up by you and you can name the story and tells how it gose. Also the creepypasta can not have be a parody or based off another creepypasta such as Squidwards Suicide, Dead Bart, ETC cause I don't want anyone to get in trouble with any copy right problems. So heres how it will work make up a creepypasta on post it on your blog page, Notifie me if you have an idea and I will rank it on a scale of 1 to 10 and the best creepypasta story by that user will be the winner of the contest the contest will run throw Monday Oct 20th 2014 to Friday Oct 24th 2014.

Good Luck

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