Hello TD fans so this is my very first blog and I hope that you will enjoy it :)

So today I wanted to talk about my take Season 5 "TDAS and TDPI" so here we go.

So season 5 is split into two parts part 1 being TDAS and Part 2 being TDPI and this is the first time ever that we got to see a TD season split into to parts and I liked how they di that.

NOTE: i'm only doing part 1 of the season but don't worry part 2 is coming soon.

Total Drama All Stars

So TDAS is part 1 of season 5 and it takes place back on camp walinakwa where the 1st and 4th season took place and it features both the orignanal cast "Seasons 1-5" and the new cast "Seasons 4-5". The plot is set a year after Revenge Of The Island and we find Chef telling Chris that he has finished his sentence for dumping toxic waste and also that the producers have granted another season which Chris replys "IT IS ON" shortly after he was released from jail we find Chris and camp walinakwa and we see a heilcoppter pushing out 14 most fan favorite contestinst in Total Drama history 'Mike, 'Zoey, 'Alejandro, 'Courtney, 'Duncan, 'Gwen, 'Heather, 'Lindsay, 'Sierra, 'Cameron, 'Jo, 'Sam,  'Lightning, and 'Scott.

My take on it

This was the WORST season ever they messed this one up big time there were was abunch of overuse on every single character and the season 4 cast didint feel like there character and Mike as Mal didint take it as a much more seirous role in the season cause he is doing the same thing Alejandro and Scott did to get everyone out but the one thing I hated to most was the plot line of Gwen and Courtneys friendship being rebuild but after a short while its ruined again and finale The ENDING it was a very big mistake cause we saw the rest of the people who got out "except for Gwen Heather Alejandro and Cameron" in ballons and they float away and we didint evan get to know what happened to them and the last 2 minutes of the episode it was just random and un necisary cause the whole island is sinking and everyone is going crazy intill we see the whole island has sunk. In conclussion TDAS knocks TDA out of the spot as the WORST TD EVER.

Review score: 54%

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