Hey whats going on guys today im going to talk about how I got into Total Drama. So basicly I never heared of Total Drama intill 2008 and when I saw the trailers/Tv Spots for TDI it seemed boring to me butt when I first watched the first episode I was wrong and I said "This is not bad its really incrediable" and I never missed a single episode for the first season. Then later in 2009 a watched TDA and it took out have of the stuff that TDI had but it was still a good season kinda but then came to TDA specail episode which led to TDWT and there Total Drama blowed me mind with its awsome characters and story that I loved the series more than I ever had. Then when TDWT was over it was announced that we would get a 4th season in 2011 bit that got pushed back to 2012 for unknown reason and this one was an alright season I was bumped that we got a new cast and the season was shorter but TDROTI was the best season yet for the TD sequal triolgy than 1 year later I watched TDAS and this one pretty muched killed Total Drama caus TDAS had abunch of problems and introduced the Hero vs Villans theme which didnt set out as a more major role in the season and the friendship with Gwen and Courtney being reunined again and alot of people didint like how Mike's role as Mal didint take it as a more serious role so yeah. Months later I got to see TDPI for 2 weeks and just like TDROTI it was also a good season the only thing I dont understand is the final episode. So yeah thats how I got into Total Drama so comment down  below on how you started getting into Total Drama.

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