What's up Total Drama fans I gotta another topic I want to talk about Trent and Gwen becoming a ouple again so here we go.

So in season 1-2 Trent and Gwen where a ouple intill things got a little bit carried away in season 2. Trent was kinda upset that Gwen was hanging out with Duncan more than him. Trent then worrys about his relation ship and that he might lose Gwen to Duncan so he throws the chalenges to her cause Trent and Gwen where on diffrent teams and Gwen was starting to get tirred of letting her team win the challenges so she makes the decison to break up with him but Justin figured out what Trent was up to and Justin tells his team about Trent and Gwen cheating in which Gwen replys "Vote Trent off' and finally the grips say she owes them for what Trent had done so he end's up getting voted off. Later Gwen's team found out about her deal with the grips and her team voted her off and she even voted herself off. She did start a relation ship with Duncan which made Courtney upset but it ended 2 year's later in TDAS where she breaks up with him in order to make up for her mistakes and the fact that Duncan was getting on her last nerve.

So anyways guys in the comments below iin the new spin off series or season if Trent and gwen were competeing will they remand just friends or get back together so let me know what you guys think and I'm out for know.

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