I know I'm gonna get alot of hate for this but here it goes. The first time I watched TDWT I was very young and dislike it a fair bit, but know that I am older and have rewatched I understand it more and know really love it. I disliked it as a kid because I didn't really understand the whole love triangle thing and despised Alejandro. Now I really love TDWT, one of the main reasons being because of the episodes of Greeces's pieces all the way to Picnic at the hanging dork. The love triangle to me was very interesting and added Drama, It is Total DRAMA by the way. I came to this wiki a year ago and since I have been here have noticed all the hate the love triangle got. I was really shocked since all of my friends including myself loved it. So my question is why all the hate? Is it because of Duncan and Courtney relationship being ruined? Is it because it was the main focus for a couple of episode giving screen hog Duncan more time? I would really love to know because to me this was the best thing about the middle of the season. I know Duncan is a screen hog but I didn't find him to be in this season, he was absent for quite a while.



         Please no hate comments, please respect my opinion and I will respect your's. Thanx.

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