I recently made a blog about what I'd think would happen if there was a new TDAS season, with advice on what to add and remove i have decided to make a new version.

The season will once again take place on Boney and island and 2 teams will be competing. The 2 teams will be distributed by either being a brainy or brawny contestant. The first team the Brainy Beavers will consist of brainy players from seasons 4 and 6. The members of this team are B, Dawn, Samey, Dave, Scarlett, Max and Cameron. The second team the Brawny Bears will alsop consist of players from season 4 and 6. The members of this team are Brick, Anne Maria, Jo, Jasmine, Shawn, Sky and Lightning.  I'm just giving rankings and reasons for elimination of the contestants. This blog might also be very similar to my last as I am using ideas from my past blog. BTW most of the challenges in this season require the contestants to be either physically or mentally strong.

14th: Brick- Brick serves as Lindsay did in TDAS just a comic relief for the first episode, Brick was eliminated as he did not fit the Brawny definition and wasn't helpful to the team as he had gone a bit softer after joining fashion school. 

13th: Jasmine- Everyone is expecting Jasmine to get far in a future season and her early elimination would be a shock. Jo and Lightning had teamed up and also the other members of the Brawny Bears voted her off for being to close to Shawn and seen as a threat also being a major clutz in challenges. 

12th: Dave- although the challenge was never completed nd no team lost, Dave quit after getting into a major fight with Sky who he had only came back to the show for. At the elimination ceremony where Chris was going to get players to switch teams Dave quit because he was unable to handle the fight he had wit Sky.

11th: Jo- Everyone was sick of her cut throat attitude and many members of team wanted her gone after she had taken role of captain and they blamed her for constant loses. Lightning also back- stabbed her at the elimination ceremony.

10th: Scarlett- All season MAx and Scarlett were playing as a pair and Max was pretending to fall in love with Scarlett. At the elimination ceremony after the loss of the Brainy Beavers Max was voted out after he had let Scarlett use him. Max was not eliminated after he used an immunity idol and voted out Scarlett who was eliminated with one vote against her,

9th: Cameron- Much like Jasmine's elimination Cameron was voted off after he had became really close with Samey. His team mates knew they had to vote him off as keeping both him and Samey in would be a big mistake. His elimination was mainly caused by Max.

In episode 7 the Brainy Beavers lost and the Brawny Bears got to vote off one member of the Brainy Beavers. B was voted off after seen as a big threat helping his team to win almost every challenge, but instead of being eliminated he was forced to switch teams by Chris. 

8th: Lightning- he was voted after being ganged up on by all the other contestants on his team after treating his new team mate B poorly.

7th: B- Anne Maria won immunity in the challenge and B was voted off for placing second, being seen as a threat,

6th: Sky- Each contstant had to compete in an individual challenge and the contestant who complete the challenge with the fastest time won. Max sabotaged all the challenges but mainly aimed at sabouatging Samey's who he disliked. After this saboutage failed and unluckily injured him he didn't get enough time to saboutage anyone elses challenge except Sky's. He did this by finding a letter and video tape sent to the island by Dave which Sky never recieved. During her challenge she saw the Letter and heard the video tape which was playing. The video tape and letter were under a bear and Sky retrieved them without completing her challenge she also became seriously injured but was able to retrieve them. In the elimination ceremony Sky was eliminated by Chris after doing poorly in the challenge and being injured. Everyone thought this was unfair as they thought Chris had placed the letter and reording under the bear not Max.

5th: Dawn- She lost in a race and was eliminated. Max was the one who placed in second last and just defeated her, After making a rant towards Dawn after he bet her all the other contestants heard him aand during this rant he accidentaly spilt that he previously caused Sky's elimination.

4th: Max- During the same episode as Dawn's elimination someone was voted off. Anne Maria had previously won the challenge and couldn't be eliminated. In the end Max was eliminated after he had accidentally confessed he eliminated Sky.

3rd: Shawn- He lost the challenge scoring the least points and was eliminated.

Finalist 1: Samey one in her ending of the season and was chosen by me as a finalist due to being able to avoid and withsand hatred she had recieved form Max and Scarlett all season.She also was able to develop as an individual without Jasmine or her new friend Cameron for half of the season.

Finalist 2: Anne Maria won in her ending of the show and I chose her as a finalist because she had won many challenges previously for herself and for her eam and also survived many conflicts hse had. These conflicts were with Lightning and Jo. She was an interesting character and also was very outspoken and individual.

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