There has been some arguments if there will or won't be another All Star season. If there was a new All Star season confirmed who do you think would return and how would these characters would rank? Also where would the show take place what would the teams be and which generations of cast would be eligable to compete in the season. This is a tricky question as last All stars season didn't go well. So do you think they will make a new one to recover All star season or will they not make the same mistake twice. 

Personally I think they will make a second All star season and it will consist of 2 teams battling it out on Boney Island. This will be the sixth season of the show. 

The first team The Brainy Bears would consist of

( Max, Scott, Dawn, Ella, Dave, B and Cameron.)

The second team The Brutal Beavers would consist of 

( Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Jasmine, Jo, Brick and Anne Maria.)

The cannon of shame would return as the elimination method.

The rankings for this season would be

14th-  Max ( cheated out) Scott rigged the votes against him.

13th- Sugar (voted out) Most of her teammates found her annoying. 

12th- B (eliminated by challenge) The Brainy Bears lost the challenge and had to compete in a second challenge where the loser was eliminated.

11th- Cameron- (voted out) He was considered the weakest link.

_ Jasmine switches teams.

10th- Anne Maria- Jo was voted off but used an immunity idol to eliminate Anne Maria.

  • Scott and Jo switch teams

9th- Jasmine- (Disqualified) She helped Shawn in the challenge and Chris disqualified her.

  • Merge

8th- Dawn- (voted off) J, Scott and Dave teamed up and voted her off. 

7th-  Shawn- (Injured Out) 

6th- Sky- Scott chose her afer he won immunity because she was athletic and popular.

5th- Scott- (Voted off) Jo, Dave and Ella voted him off.

4th- Dave- (voted off) He was unanimously voted off after Jo won immunity.

3rd- Ella (eliminated by challenge) 

1st/2nd- Brick/ Jo.

Do you like my TDAS season or would you make it differently. 

Comment below.

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