I noticed these to pairs "Sugar and Ella" and "Heather and Lindsay" are very similar to each other. 

Sugar is labelled as a queen like Heather and both these chracters have conflicts with a pricess of some sort. Sugar has a conflict with a fairytale princess Ella and Heather has a conflict with a dumb princess Lindsay. In both these pairs debut series the princesses Ella and Lindsay believe to a certain degree that they are liked by the Queens Sugar and Heather, but secretly neither Sugar or Heather can stand there princess team member. Also in there debut season Lindsay and Ella place 9th place, while Heather and Sugar the main antagonists of there respective debut season place 3rd. 

In both of there debut seasons the conflicting princesses and queens are placed on the same teams. Lindsay and Heather compete in the Screaming Gophers while Sugar and Ella both compete on Team Maskwak. Both Lindsay and Ella's eliminations are directly caused by the queens Sugar and Heather. In Lindsay's case Heather spares giving up immunity for her and uses her in the challenge in order to win. While in Ella's case she is told to sing by Sugar which she is then disqualified for doing so.

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