Reposting this old thread to prove my pattern worked for TD presents RR. 

I found a pattern in the Canadian winners of total drama. Whoever wins the final challenge before the finale or the most challenges before the finale in a streak will place 2nd in Canada. e.g.

/TDI:Gwen won immunity with Owen in I triple Dog dare you and the challenge before with Heather in Are we there yeti and then went on to lose the finale in Canada.

/TDA: Beth won immunity in both 2008: a space Owen and Top Dog the challenges before the finale but went on to lose the season to Duncan in the Canadian version.

/TDWT: Heather won the challenge in trains, planes and hot air mobiles but lost the finale to Alejandro in Canada.

/TDROTI: Lightning won the challenge in The enchanted Franken forest and lost the finale in Canada.

/TDAS: Zoey won the last three challenges before the finale in TDAS but lost in the end to Mike in the Canadian ending.

/TDPI: Shawn won in both Pahk'd with talent and Sky fall but lost the finale to Sky in Canada

/TDRR: Geoff/ Brody won in Bahamarama and placed first in the first leg of the finale but lost in Canada. 

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