On every odd season of total drama the final 3 contestants will rank based on alphabetical order. The 1st person in alphabetical order will place 2nd. The 2nd person in alphabetical will place 3rd. The last person in alphabetical order will place 1st. This rule only applies for Aussie and Italian versions of the show. e.g

TDI: Gwen 2nd/ Heather 3rd / Owen 1st

TDWT: Alejandro 2nd/ Cody 3rd/ Heather 1st

TDAS: Mike 2nd/ Scott 3rd / Zoey 1st

On every even season of total drama if you put the final 3 contestants in alphabetical order the order they are in will also be there rank in both the Italian and Australian versions of the show. e.g.

TDA: Beth-1st /Duncan-2nd /Owen-3rd

TDROTI: Cameron-1st /Lightning-2nd /Zoey-3rd

TDPI: Shawn-1st /Sky-2nd /Sugar-3rd

The Australian version hasn't aired yet but it is always identical to the Italian one. (Modimi277)

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