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    Reposting this old thread to prove my pattern worked for TD presents RR. 

    I found a pattern in the Canadian winners of total drama. Whoever wins the final challenge before the finale or the most challenges before the finale in a streak will place 2nd in Canada. e.g.

    /TDI:Gwen won immunity with Owen in I triple Dog dare you and the challenge before with Heather in Are we there yeti and then went on to lose the finale in Canada.

    /TDA: Beth won immunity in both 2008: a space Owen and Top Dog the challenges before the finale but went on to lose the season to Duncan in the Canadian version.

    /TDWT: Heather won the challenge in trains, planes and hot air mobiles but lost the finale to Alejandro in Canada.

    /TDROTI: Lightning won the challenge in The en…

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    Okay, just wondering what the users of this wiki consider to be the real winners of each season. Note that this is not a voting blog and I just wanted your opinion on who you believe was the true/ intended/ better winner of each season. Just to remind all users in Total Drama Island Owen versed Gwen in TDA Beth versed Duncan in TDWT Heather versed Alejandro in TDRI Cameron versed Lightning in TDAS Mike versed Zoey and in TDPI Shawn vs Sky. Also with the release of both ending of RR I would also like to know which you intend to be the first true winner of the Ridonculous Race. Please give not only the winner you go by but a breif description on why you chose them. Just so you know here are the winner I go by and why. 

    TDI: Owen

    His ending mak…

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    How Old is to old?

    October 11, 2015 by TDWTisAWESOME

    I am 15 years old and still love Total Drama. All my friends stopped watching it at age 13 and I'm starting to feel like im too old to watch it. So my question is how old are you, the TD superfans whi are on the wiki. You're answers will help me decide if I should keep watching TD. Many people telll me I'm too old to watch so what do you guys reckopn. Is 15 too old to watch TD. Been doing some studying on this and fresh reccomends a 8-12 age group for TD. BTW I just turned 15 will be 16 next year.

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    I know I'm gonna get alot of hate for this but here it goes. The first time I watched TDWT I was very young and dislike it a fair bit, but know that I am older and have rewatched I understand it more and know really love it. I disliked it as a kid because I didn't really understand the whole love triangle thing and despised Alejandro. Now I really love TDWT, one of the main reasons being because of the episodes of Greeces's pieces all the way to Picnic at the hanging dork. The love triangle to me was very interesting and added Drama, It is Total DRAMA by the way. I came to this wiki a year ago and since I have been here have noticed all the hate the love triangle got. I was really shocked since all of my friends including myself loved it. …

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    I just heard about a story where Bridgette and Fin from Stoked met up in a surfing contests, I have also watched stoked and on the show the intro of TDA was playing on one of the TV's in the foyer. So that made me wonder that since Stoked and TD take place in the same universe could any one from Stoked compete in Total Drama or even TDRR. Apart from Stoked maybe characters off 6teen and Grojband could compete in TD also. So with this said do you think any off these characters could compete in TD? And if so which characters?

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