So, I was just thinking about how sad it was that Cartoon Network only released the first season on dvd, and I realized something: maybe the growing popularity and higher ratings of previous seasons are making them think  about releasing more DVDs? I mean, come on, we all know its rediculous that they just stopped making the season DVDs(theyve done it for a lot of other shows too.) But TD is the only one that was close to dead CN-wise, which is why they only did one season(sales couldve been a factor too,) but was saved from extinction by TDRI's extensive worldwide acclaim and ratings. Then they quickly booted up TDAS after TDRI, and are running out TDPI any day now(and with ANOTHER season in development.) Even if some people didnt like the more recent season, they were indeed EXTREMELY successful. This should be a sign that theyre at least reconsidering pumping out some more DVDs. 

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