What are your opinions on this? I've recently been rewatching TDWT on CN in USA, and it's just bringing up past feelings about the 3 of them. I liked Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney in TDI and TDA, and I really liked Duncan and Courtney's realationship throughout, so when he cheated, messed with, and disgraced Courtney on (fake)National Television, he fell to my least favorite character of all time. Now, don't get me wrong Gwen fell on my personal favs list as well, but he SERIOUSLY added insult to injury with his jerk-ness. Every time he got hit in the groins, hurt by an Austraillian animal, or whatever else, I felt he REALLY deserved it. Granted, Courtney was a bit of a b to the ch, if you know what I'm saying, at times, but she truly cared for him. A few examples being when she genuinely poured her heart out to him about missing him, and hugging him when he returned in TDWT(ep 13), and complemented his singing voice in the episode after. She didn't deserve ANY of what he did to her, and when she got her revenge on Gwen by directly getting her booted, I was estatic and I anxiously waited for her to have a part in Duncan's demise which never came due to her being eliminated before him. Overall, I love Courtney and I feel she got hurt by Gwen and Duncan(especially Duncan) very badly, Gwen just didn't care about stepping on her friend Courtney, and Duncan was the worst perpatraitor of them all. What's your opinion on the whole love-hate triangle?

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