Total Drama All Stars - pt 1. - YouTube

So far Heather, Alejandro, Mike, Cameron, Gwen, and Courtney have been confirmed for All Stars through this video amongst other fb/twitter posts, etc, while Sierra, Duncan, and Lightning have also been confirmed for All Stars throughout fb/twitter posts, and yes i know that others(dawn, owen, zoey, etc) have been rumored and are highly likely, but im not listing them as of yet.

Wow, so 9 out of(a lot of people including myself believe) 14 contestants

Im gonna guess at the teams and other contestants now as well

Heroic Hamsters:

Cameron, Sierra and Mike

Villianous Vultures:

Heather, Duncan, Courtney, Gwen , Lightning and Alejandro.

So 4 girls and 5 guys so far so im guessing 2 more guys to be confirmed and 3 girls who i think'll be:

Zoey, Jo and Dawn for the girls and Owen and Harold for the guys

So the teams will be(i think)

HH: Owen, Harold, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Dawn, and Sierra

VV: Heather, Courtney, Gwen, Jo, Lightning, Alejandro and Duncan

I'd be satisfied with this.

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