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  • TDWTfan1113

    Future TD DVDs?

    May 12, 2014 by TDWTfan1113

    So, I was just thinking about how sad it was that Cartoon Network only released the first season on dvd, and I realized something: maybe the growing popularity and higher ratings of previous seasons are making them think  about releasing more DVDs? I mean, come on, we all know its rediculous that they just stopped making the season DVDs(theyve done it for a lot of other shows too.) But TD is the only one that was close to dead CN-wise, which is why they only did one season(sales couldve been a factor too,) but was saved from extinction by TDRI's extensive worldwide acclaim and ratings. Then they quickly booted up TDAS after TDRI, and are running out TDPI any day now(and with ANOTHER season in development.) Even if some people didnt like th…

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  • TDWTfan1113

    As it says in the title, what other things do you absolutely love and/or are obsessed with?

    Aside from TD, I love the 3ds, ds, wii u, and all other nintendo.

    I love video game series' including: Pokemon(X AND Y ARE AMAZING), Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Animal Crossing, Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshim, Super Smash Bros and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Movies I love the Scream films, Final Destination films, any horror film, THE HUNGER GAMES(LOVE THE MOVIE AND THE BOOKS), The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight trilogy, and EACH AND EVERY PIXAR FILM(FROM TOY STORY TO MONSTERS UNIVERSITY I LOVE THEM ALL.)

    TV shows I love include: Law and Order SVU, ADVENTURE TIME( OH MY GLOB THIS IS AN AMAZING SHOW), The Legend of Korra(ANOTHER…

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  • TDWTfan1113

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! The first elimination is listed here because I watched the first episode. Everything else is my prediction.

    Ok, I've been too lazy as of recent to make one of these but after watching the first TDAS episode(9/10/13) and seeing everyone else's predictions, I'm thinking about an elimination order of my own. Here goes

    15th Place-Lindsay(obvious)

    No need for explanation because she was booted in the first episode.

    14th-10th places are mostly because they weren't seen in CP's youtube video(s) and also because of the stories I think they may try to go with this season.

    14th Place-Sam

    Sam doesn't really fit into this season, and while others have said that this'll be his season to develop, I disagree. Why would they develop a non-All …

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  • TDWTfan1113

    Since it's been confirmed that TDAS will be reusing old challenges, I want to know what challenges were most desired. Along with your opinions. I personally want to see the cliff dive, dodgeball, awakeathon, talent show, facing your worst fear, torture, bike building and racing challenges again. These are my favorite challenges which, coincidentally, are all from TDI. Also, I don't think they'll do many challenges from TDWT because they were challenges based on the area they were located in, and the contestants aren't going anywhere besides the Island. Lastly, I'd also like to point out that the brunch of disgustingness is probably returning in ep 4 based on the script.

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  • TDWTfan1113

    I just have a bad feeling that all my(and your) excitement will be for nothing and TDAS will be postponed(for Cartoon Network in September).....WHICH WOULD BE TERRIBLE!! We don't have any trailers, tv spots on Cartoon Network, advertisments, pics(except for like 2), the opening theme song, etc. I would be truly amazed if it does come on in September. If we don't get any pieces of information within, like, the next few weeks to a month, I feel like that will be a signal for its postponment. Does anyone else feel this way? 

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