Usually when people talk about Sky, they are quick to compare her to Zoey. Both characters are athletic, generally nice, and have many similar characteristics and appearances. They are both looked on as the focused point in Drama of the seasons they competed in.


First off, Zoey gets a lot of hate. Her whole deal is that she's a small town girl who's very lonely, and........well that's pretty much it!!!!(very vague). That's probably why her character is a bit all over the place, really she doesn't fit her stereotype of an Indie Chick, and is more of a typical nice girl. However, that alone gives her not very much like since she is not very well developed as a character. For example, in TDROTI she was always so dependent of Mike's help and only really had good regular basis interactions with Mike and Cameron. In TDAS she came back with newly acquired athletic skills that came frow nowhere (but really did she just develop them over night or something XD), and really she was just very Mike centered(starting to feel like her only purpose is to be Mike's girlfriend).

My opinion: I don't hate Zoey, she's neutral for me but aimed more to the dislike side. Zoey's overrated personality plus her lack of development and standing out definitely makes her a "meh" character.


She is a more developed character( the producers actually knew where they wanted to go with this one), as she actually has back story on her athletic superiority, and is very independent, yet still caring. Sky's personality can also come across as a bit bland, but to the competition she's interesting and an efficient competitor (plus one of the only to use strategy). One of the good things about her is she keeps it real( especially with her "relationship" with Dave), and was a part of the reason why this season seemed a bit more realistic.

My opinion: Actually, I like Sky quite a bit because of her independence. She is definitely on my list of top 12 favorite characters. Sky certainly proved herself not to be a Zoey clone, so she shouldn't be seen as one.

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