Hi! Basically the title says it all. I'm going to be ranking characters based on their development in the show, please keep in mind the amount of seasons/episodes they competed in, and how significant the change was will be used to help me analyze characters. I'll try to be the least biased possible.

52. Staci

Ok, so this character is last. What can I say? What is there to say? She never developed, ever. Staci was only relevant for one episode, but she began as a liar, and ended as one. Her zero development, is obvious because of her purpose of being mination fodder in TDROTI, however it makes her come in last on this list.

51. Leonard

Leonard is also another character classified as an elimination fodder, and he had zero development also. However, we were able to see from his two episodes on the show, that he had different aspects to his character. For example, actually applying his stereotype to challenges. In I Love You Grease Pig, Leonard trys moving the pig with his "wizard powers", that's already much more than Staci, who just stood there and lied.

50. Rodney

Rodney, also had no development, probably because he was supposed to be a running gag. Anyways, he still applyed it to challenges(especially in I Love You I Love You Knots) but yeah, it was pretty obvious he was an elimination fodder not destined to develop.

49. Mike

Mike is like an overused magic trick. He keeps pulling multiple personalities out of a hat, until we are supposed to be satisfied. To bad he doesn't have a personality of his own that's satisfying. That's were development is lacked. Ok, he goes though this whole storyline in TDROTI, just so it can happen again in TDAS. Hasn't learned a thing, hasn't changed a bit. 

48. Topher

He is the last character on my list that went threw zero character development. His only purpose as a character, was for there to simply be another conflict. He started out one way, went threw a plotline, and ended up the same way with a name tag pinned to him saying, "Hello I am: a lesson to Topher that he never learned/changed from".

​47. Beardo

Ok, so Beardo's deal is pretty similar to B's. He was shy, and at least he got over his shyness. He was basically a human sound board, maybe he was using that to communicate his, feelings, thoughts, etc. Until the moment he used real word.

46&45. Katie & Sadie

All just put these to together because it's easier. They really didn't change much, as friends they found their resolutions, but besides from that they really didn't change. Sadie did have more development in TDI, because she went from being dependent of Katie, being more independent. 

44. B

Ok, unlike the 52-49, B actually had some development. You might not think so, but B's stereotype is (the silent B), yet we see him still communicate, and when he gets eliminated, and his conflict with Scott reaches a boiling point, we a actually hear him speck. Nice story.

43. Amy

Amy was limited to development in TDPI, because her purpose was to give Samey development. Though her deal was was portrayed well, and also in different aspects, like manipulating everyone to feel sorry for her when Samey was calling her out, thus indirectly messing with Samey, also by indirectly causing her elimination.

42. Dawn

Dawn was all about wanting to help animals and people, even though people see her as creepy and strange. For example, In Truth or Laser Shark, Dawn comforts Zoey saying Mike did like her a lot, also in Ice Ice Baby, when she reunites a cockroach family. However, Dawn's chances of being a recognized hero, and not a creep was cut short after Scott blacked mailed her. She was on the next step to development, but didn't quite get there.

41. Eva

Eva's development is a bit like Dawns, however we were actually able to see an outcome. She had an extremely short temper, left the island, came back with basically the same temper but we were able to see more to her character, then in TDDDDI she was actually manageable, and was a part of team E-scope.

40. Zoey

A lot of people say Zoey has no character development, well? She does, it's just in a bunch of fragments. In TDROTI, she starts out very dependent of Mike, then Mike leaves, she turns into Commando Zoey, then when they come back in TDAS Zoey tries to "save" him? I know that's confusing, I'm still confused. I think it was supposed to be the opposite scenario, but really Mike ends up saving himself. It's strange, I'm just going to say Zoey hasn't changed.

39. Owen

You might not think so, but Owen had a handful of development. It might of not been very obvious, but Owen has gradually become more empathetic, not say he wasn't before, but it certainly got more focused on by the seasons. In TDI, he was more about partying, and having a good time, but in TDA when Chris was making him purposely start drama he was more concerned for others. This action is further emphasized in TDWT with his interaction with Noah & Izzy.

38. Tyler

Ok, Tyler was really a backup character. In TDWT we got to see more of a base to his character, however for development he didn't change that much, but his development was very focused on.

37. Max

Max didn't change one bit, but is none development was so significant I put him here. He started out trying to get respect for being evil, thinks he's getting a little respect from Scarlett, she turns, then he freaks out like a baby and still states he's proud and evil. I know it's not much, but I can't really judge to hard, his story's probably not even over.

36. Brick

Ok, let's be honest, Brick didn't really have any development, but I put him this high because no development isn't only a bad thing. Brick never changed because he stuck to a code of honor. Really, his character was about not changing. The significance of this is big enough to put him in this rank.

35. Ella

Ella is the same as Brick, she didn't change because she wasn't supposed to. The reason why she's higher on the list is because her, not changing was even more emphasized and significant.

34. Sam

Ok, Sam Also had some development. He was a guy that was glued to his games, some of the skills he got from them came in handy, he got the girl of his dreams, was catapulted away, came back, got hurt a bunch of times, then got flushed down a toilet. Thus he learned to make connections with people not objects.

33. Sugar

Ok, Sugar is another character that wasn't supposed to change anyway, and she didn't. However, she was shown to be more strategic towards the end of TDPI, and she was a fairly well antagonist, so for that she's ranked here.

32. Jo

Jo, she's another one of those characters that didn't change much, but did have aspects to her that was very focused on. For example, Lightning thinking she's a guy(that's a HUGE one). Plus, her makeover in Runaway Model, or her confession of never kissing a boy in A Mine is Terrible Thing to Waste. 

31. Lightning

Oh! Here's another one people are arguably uncertain for. Ok, so it's obvious that Lightning hasn't changed, but is he completely one-note? No. Cameron wasn't the only one with a story, it's as if everyone has forgotten a very significant event in, Brains vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. When they get their home videos, Lightning was even more determined to win, "The Lightning" isn't the only one he cares about. For TDROTI, that created a more stable base for his character. For that, I give development points.

30. Bridgett

This is where we transition In to characters with average amounts of development. First of all, Bridgett is more developed than we think. Really the direction she was directed to in TDI, was to end up with Geoff, she did, came back in TDA, had a make out session, became the shows aftermath host, played Geoff's foil, came back in TDWT, cheated on Geoff, came back to aftermath show, made up w/ Geoff, then continued hosting the show, and was trying to get forced apart from Geoff by Blaineley. She obviously had gone threw some development after that.

29. Geoff

Geoff has many developed depths, and is a standard example of a developed character. His was to be Bri dgett's boyfriend, and they showed the process. In TDI trying to win Bridgett's, and eventually does. In TDA, to become a new host of an aftermath show, and play Bridgett's foil. Lastly, in TDWT, to be separated and betrayed by Bridgett, but to then reconcile. All of which he does, but says the same in character and personality.

28. Trent

So I'm putting Trent right here, and this is why. Trent was an ok character in TDI, but never developed because his purpose was to cater to Gwen. However, he is his high on the list because of his actions in TDA. He went from under the radar, and anchored to an extreme. This rate of difference, in his character is significant because more change was involved. However, his amount of relevance makes him this low.

27. Anna Maria

She also had a nice amount of development, though still stuck to her personality. She was a Jersey Shore Rejectthe poof, the fake tan, well all know. However, she fell in love with "Mike" or Vito, but basically Mike. Mike didn't know, and basically she was getting rejected. Then in A Mine is aTerrible Thing to Waste, she ran into Ezekiel, Someone who actually liked her and he gave her the burnt million from TDWT. She takes it, actually feeling accomplishment jumps on the catapult w/ Brick, only to lose accomplishment, and have rejection again from victory.

26. Leshawna

Very well developed character. She started out, a good based character, then kept progressing. Her most developed moment had to be in TDA, after she gossiped about everyone. Her deal was the same as Geoff's, they stay the same. Making her another good example of a developed character.

25. Izzy

Next up is Izzy, OK so she's been threw a storyline too, however not very much to say. Even though she's another one of those non-changing characters. She's like a double threat, a good non-change character, with depth. That's why she's ranked here.

24. Beth

As for Beth, she was a character that over the course of ONE season developed. A good story coming to a good end. Then, we see her back in TDA, she gets more development and ends up winning a season. Beth's change is one of the more obvious, and that's a good thing to see in a character.

23. Sky

Um yeah, it's Sky. Hopefully your starting to pick up my logic on where a place these characters. Like many of the others I mentioned, and are yet to come, Sky qualifies as another character to placed under the radar, and then skyrocket/plummet to an extreme. Sky showed this in a different way though, we've already developed a season of perspective on Sky, and at the very last moment what do we discover? She's not credible, she's a cheater, she's deceiving. That was unexpected, and that's a change. That's why she's ranked here.

22. Scott

Scott it's your turn. His deal is basically the same as Sky's, only difference is it took longer and was more relevant, adding depth. Meaning more significant change.

21. DJ

DJ is next. He's pretty much bin the same, and wasn't really an upfront character anyways. He still had some depth to him, and was very relevant. Yeah not much to say.

Well, that's half of the characters I'll try to finish the rest. There's some questions I'd like to ask you: What do you think? Who should go next?

Hint: Only competed in two seasons

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