The Duncey vs. Gwuncan debate(Greece's Pieces recap & how much longer can these characters last?)

Basically I just want to know which one is better and why

My opinion: 

I don't have very much sympathy for Courtney since of her being one of my least favorite TD characters. However cheating is wrong. I think it was stupid for Duncan to cheat on Courtney, if she was annoying him(like she was) then he should of just said something, and if this was just another one of his attempts two push her buttons, then he pushed too far. On the other hand Gwen was also stupid for letting herself cheat on another girl's boyfriend. If she had a crush on Duncan(like she did) then she should of just told Courtney as a friend instead of let her whole character go through derailment. On the other OTHER hand, you can say Courtney deserved it because she did take Duncan for granite and continues to due so with other relationships/friendships through the series (ex: Scott&Gwen).

As far as the whole Duncey vs. Gwuncan thing goes, I don't strongly like either. Duncey had a love-hate relationship that was in treating to watch but at other times just made me want to bash my brains out, and Gwuncan had a romantic relationship which made sense but Gwen never really seemed to be herself around Duncan and Duncan's love for Gwen wasn't very valid since he STILL had feelings for Courtney. Even though Courtney's one of my least favorite characters, most of her interactions are my favorite. Gwen really screwed herself over, bit is still a very remarkable character. Duncan, he was always just a neutral character for me. So now if you were to to ask me which relationship I like better.......I really can't tell you!

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