First of all I know everyone has their opinions, but can we just all agree AT LEAST that TDAS was one of Total Drama's lesser seasons. Here are my 5 reasons why:

1. The Plot: the Plot was kind of disorganized, they would build up to something and then drop it( ex: Duncan& Jo) and it was mostly just focused on Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Courtney and Gwen with other characters being pushed aside. Plus some eliminations weren't accurate. Just not one of their best written.

2. The Characters: As I said before, there really wasn't many focus on most of the characters and they were really just pushed aside. Again, most of the screen time went to the Cameron-Zoey-Mike alliance, and what I like to call Gwuncey Phase 3(which includes Scott). To add on, the producers could of done a better job introducing the first and second generation characters.

3. Cameron's elimination:  Here I'm not talking about him as a character, or the episode he was eliminated. I'm talking about how long it took for Cameron to get eliminated, i felt like he was just getting dragged on for a while( like DJ in TDWT) when really it was his time to go a long time ago.

4. Mike as a finalist: Mike really shouldn't of bin a finalist because he wasn't really there for a good 2/3 of the season, and they should of had Mike defeat Mal after he won, it woud have bin cooler.

5. Combination of #1-4: To sum everything up, with the plot, characters, and everything in between the plot and the characters, this was one of Total Drama lesser seasons. My case closed.

Don't get me wrong there was things liked about it too, just not one of their better seasons.

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