Hey everyone! Wanted to do my 1st blog post about something I was thinking about earlier. That was a ranking of every total drama generation. That would include Gen 1 which is TDI's cast plus Alejandro, Sierra and Blaineley. Gen 2 which is the ROTI's cast. Gen 3 which is PI's cast and the Ridonculous race cast. Each cast will have their contestants broken up into 4 categories which include Gem, Fun, Average and Boring. Each contestant will be based by their best season and their personality. Gem means one of a kind or no one else really like them but are still enjoyable or important to the story. Fun is just someone who is well liked or is funny. Average is they don't do anything for the story but still likeable. Boring is nothing for story and not that likeable. Disclaimer: This is my opinion if you disagree please let me know in the comments I would love to hear your opinion. So without further ado let's begin

4. Generation 2(Revenge of the Island Cast)


This cast had several characters that were disliked and/or didn't contribute to the show much at all. I classified Scott as a gem because of his importance to the story in both seasons he appeared in and how much he was loved in All Stars also he is considered as the 3rd best antagonist. The fun category included Jo, Lightning, Cameron and Brick. All of them were unique and important to the story while being liked by most fans. Next the Average category included 5 contestants. Zoey, Mike, B, Dawn and Sam were included. Zoey and Mike did a lot for the story but are generally considered boring and disliked while the opposite can be said of B, Dawn and Sam. Those three are normally liked but do not contribute much to the story. Finally, the contestants in the boring category include Staci, Anne Maria and Dakota. Staci was practically useless, Anne Maria contributed a little to the love triangle but is not important to the overall season and is normally hated and Dakota is unimportant and even though she still has the turning into a mutant plot line she is ultimately really boring without that.

Gem: Scott (All Stars) Fun: Jo, Lightning, Cameron, Brick (ROTI) Average: Mike, Zoey, B, Dawn, Sam (ROTI) Boring: Staci, Anne Maria, Dakota (ROTI)

3.Generation 3 (Pahkitew Island Cast)


This cast was full of several gimmick characters that by many, and including me had mixed reviews. While this season gave a little bit of life back to the Total Drama series after All Stars it came with its flaws. I believe that this season had 3 gem characters with a couple borderline ones as well. I considered Max, Scarlett and Sugar as Gem contestants for this season. Max was hilarious was important to the story and are we really ever gonna find another person like Max. Scarlett before her epic episode would have been either a low Fun ranking or a high Average ranking. Her in her final episode was amazing and made one of the greatest episodes of Total Drama ever. Finally, Sugar... I know I might get some hate for this but hear me out, she had her funny moments, caused eliminations, was really important to the story her season and went out in an amazing way. Next are the Fun characters which include Shawn, Topher and Sky. This is where this season is really hard to judge because Shawn and Topher both have gimmicks but are less enjoyable then the ones above. For Shawn the only reason he's not in Gem is because his zombie thing kinda derailed him in the beginning of the season but by the end he was one of my favorites and ends up being the winner. Topher is in fun because personally I liked his relationship with Chris and he went out at a fair time, finally, Sky I thought she would just be a Zoey knockoff but no she was so much more, she actually focused on the game and not on Dave as much and was in my opinion one of the best gameplayers in Total Drama history. Next is the Average category, I included Amy, Samey, Jasmine, Ella, Dave and Beardo. I included Amy and Samey for basically the same reason, they both went out way to early. There wasn't much to them other than they hated each other and I would have ranked them higher had they lasted longer. I know I will also get hate for Jasmine being Average but I could not stand her she was just had no real character and was really boring in my opinion. If I was taking into account other people's opinions more I would rank Jasmine as fun. Next for Ella I know I will receive hate but I thought her gimmick was annoying and really she do much for the overall season. Dave is a tough one because he was so important to the story but his obsession with Sky and being clean sucked a lot. Had he not affected the story more I might have ranked him as boring. Finally, Beardo was pretty likable and kinda funny but didn't do anything for the plot that's why he's ranked as Average. Last and obviously least is Rodney and Leonard. Both of their gimmicks sucked a lot they did absolutely nothing for the overall season other than be fodder. I thought Rodney would be a more strategic DJ man I was wrong and Leonard was just awful from the start.

Gem:Max, Scarlett, Sugar Fun: Shawn, Topher, Sky Average: Amy, Samey, Jasmine, Ella, Dave, Beardo Boring: Rodney, Leonard

I will finish the final 2 over the next 1-3 days.

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