Seriously, I never thought HEATHER would actually win a season of Total Drama. You know, with her being the most hated person in Total Drama history and all of that. I will admit, I don't hate the girl as much as everyone else, but I'm definitely not her biggest fan. I don't approve of the tactics she used throughout the first three seasons of the show, and I think she has serious problems. But, I do have to give the girl credit, she sure knows how to play the game. Plus, as Chris says..."She definitely put the drama in Total Drama Island". Plus, I now give her my respect because of one thing; SHE BEAT ALEJANDRO! I'm SUPER happy about that! I hate Alejandro with a passion. So, that pleased me quite a bit. Though, I was actually quite shocked at the ending. Alejandro is now the drama machine! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! So, yeah! Overall, I'm pleased with how the finale turned out, even though Heather won instead of Cody, which is who I wanted to win. But, anyway, a strong ending to a strong season.

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