This was an idea that has popped into my head plenty of times. How would Total Drama World Tour have gone if Chris stuck to: Sing = Stay, Don't Sing = Eliminated? Well, let's find out.

First Eliminated: Duncan

This elimination would stay the same, considering he quit. Nothing else to reason here.

Second Eliminated: Ezekiel

Well, there are two reasons. One, he didn't sing in Lovin' Time, so he would be eliminated. Or two, he lost the challenge and was sent home.

Third Eliminated: Harold

Same as show.

Fourth Eliminated: Cody

Alright, this one is a shocker. When Team Amazon is asked to sing in Stuck to a Pole, along with Bridgette, the team does so, except for Cody. The teen would be auto-eliminated, as he did not sing.

Fifth Eliminated: Bridgette

Same as show.

Sixth Eliminated: Tyler

According to the What's Not To Love page, Tyler and Cody did not sing and were the only two to not. With Cody already gone, Tyler would be the one eliminated.

Seventh/Eighth Eliminated: DJ and Izzy

These two do not sing in Eine Kleine, along with Sierra. But Sierra sings later in the episode, sparing her from elimination.

Ninth Eliminated: Leshawna

Same as show.

Tenth Eliminated: Courtney

Didn't sing in Gypsy Rap.

Eleventh Eliminated: Lindsay

Same as show.

Twelfth Eliminated: Noah

Didn't sing in Sea Shanty Mix.

Thirteenth Eliminated: Gwen

Same as show.

Fourteenth Eliminated: Blaineley

Same as show.

Fifteen Eliminated: Duncan

Same as show.

Sixteenth Eliminated: Sierra

Sierra is eliminated due to her losing the final two spot battle to Alejandro.

Seventh Eliminated: Alejandro/Heather

Winner: Alejandro/Heather

Final Placements

1st/2nd: Alejandro/Heather
3rd: Sierra
4th: Duncan
5th: Blaineley
6th: Gwen
7th: Noah
8th: Lindsay
9th: Courtney
10th: Leshawna
11th/12th: DJ and Izzy
13th: Tyler
14th: Bridgette
15th: Cody
16th: Harold
17th: Ezekiel
Note: I debated Sierra's elimination with DJ and Izzy, but sided against it, as Chris wouldn't allow three to go home in an episode.

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