Hello. It's myself, TDStoryWriter. I was inspired by my dear friend, Izzynoah12 to create this blog post. Thank you, Izzy. Now, let's get on with it.

The eliminations of Total Drama All-Stars were very out of order and didn't make sense. That is also why I created this blog, to show you how I believe Total Drama All-Stars should have went. Teams stay the same.

Heroes vs. Villains

Winner(s): Villainous Vultures.

Bottom Two: Courtney and Cameron.

Total drama pix wallpaper cameron by quickdrawdynophooey-d6l7xn2

Votes: Cameron: Lindsay, Sam, Courtney, and Sierra; Courtney: Mike, Zoey, and Cameron.

Reason: Cameron was convinced by Courtney to push the carriage in the challenge. When the Heroes lost, Courtney knew she could go home, so she convinced the majority of her teammates to keep her, sending Cameron home.

Official Placement: 14th

Evil Dread

Winner(s): Villainous Vultures.

Bottom Two: Mike and Sierra.

Total drama pix wallpaper sierra by quickdrawdynophooey-d6329t2
Eliminated: Sierra.

Votes: Mike: Courtney, Sierra; Sierra: Mike, Zoey, and Lindsay.

Reason: Sierra miscounted the pieces, making the Villains win yet again. She was the next target, sending the uber fan home.

Official Placement: 13th

Saving Private Leechball

Winner(s): Heroic Hamsters.

Bottom Two: Jo and Lightning.

Total drama pix wallpaper lightning by quickdrawdynophooey-d6lr4l9
Eliminated: Lightning.

Votes: Jo: Heather, Lightning; Lightning: Jo, Gwen, Duncan, Scott, Alejandro

Reason: Heather and Jo's conflict arose high in this episode, but Lightning lost the challenge for his team, sending him home.

Official Placement: 12th

Food Fright


Winner(s): Villainous Vultures.

Bottom Two: Gwen and Zoey.

Total drama pix wallpaper zoey by quickdrawdynophooey-d5zjo8q

Votes: Gwen: Mike, Zoey; Zoey: Gwen, Lindsay, Sam

Reason: Gwen and Courtney switched teams, making Gwen the intended target. When Gwen noticed this, she convinced the majority of her team to vote out Zoey, sending her home.

Official Placement: 11th

Moon Madness

Winner(s): Villainous Vultures.


No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition

Winner(s): Heroic Hamsters.

Bottom Two: Alejandro and Heather.

Total drama pix wallpaper heather by quickdrawdynophooey-d6l3fyv
Eliminated: Heather.

Votes: Alejandro: Courtney, Scott, Heather, Jo; Heather: Alejandro

Reason: Alejandro saw Heather stash her immunity idol and took it. When the ceremony came, Alejandro was originally going to be sent home, but used the immunity idol to eliminate Heather.

Official Placement: 10th

Suckers Punched

Winner(s): Heroic Hamsters. 

Bottom Two: Courtney and Jo.

Total drama pix wallpaper jo by quickdrawdynophooey-d6lr49f
Eliminated: Jo.

Votes: Jo: Scott, Courtney, Alejandro; Courtney: Jo and Duncan

Reason: Jo got on a majority of her teammates nerves, talking about how she beat Heather, the queen bee. This ultimately led to her downfall, sending her home.

Official Placement: 9th

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Winner(s): Lindsay.

Bottom Two: Duncan and Mike.

Total drama pix wallpaper duncan by quickdrawdynophooey-d6lr3ym

Votes: Duncan: Mike, Lindsay, Sam, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, Gwen, Lindsay; Mike: Duncan

Reason: Duncan started to get on everyone's nerves, leading to him being sent home.

Official Placement: 8th

Zeek and Ye Shall Find

Winner(s): Courtney.

Bottom Two: Sam and Scott.

Total drama pix wallpaper sam by quickdrawdynophooey-d6lr4z5
Eliminated: Sam.

Votes: Sam: Mike, Lindsay, Courtney, Scott, Gwen, Lindsay; Scott: Sam, Alejandro

Reason: I wanted to promote Sam's status and give him a reason for him to be in all-stars. This was my way, leading him to this position.

Official Placement: 7th

The Obsta-Kill Course

Winner(s): Gwen.

Bottom Two: Lindsay and Alejandro.

Alejandro collage

Votes: Alejandro: Mike, Courtney, Scott. and Gwen; Lindsay: Lindsay; Courtney: Alejandro

Reason: Alejandro was seen as a threat by Mal, leading him to convince everyone to vote him out.

Official Placement: 6th

Sundae Muddy Sundae

Winner(s): Courtney.

Bottom Two: Scott and Mike.

Total drama pix wallpaper scott by quickdrawdynophooey-d6l7y5g

Votes: Scott: Mike, Gwen, Lindsay; Mike: Courtney, Scott

Reason: Scott was believed to be the next biggest threat, leading to him being sent home.

Official Placement: 5th

The Bold and The Booty-ful

Total drama pix wallpaper gwen by quickdrawdynophooey-d6l3fex
Total drama pix wallpaper mike by quickdrawdynophooey-d60r8ux

Bottom Three: Gwen and Mike.

Eliminated: Gwen and Mike.

Votes: Gwen: N/A; Mike: Courtney.

Reason: Gwen lost the final part of the challenge, leading to her being sent home. Courtney chose to send Mike home, thinking Lindsay would be easier to beat in the finale.

Official Placement: 4th/3rd

The Final Wreck-ening

Total drama pix wallpaper lindsay by quickdrawdynophooey-d5zjpb2
Total drama pix wallpaper courtney by quickdrawdynophooey-d60e1us
Winner(s): Courtney

Eliminated: Courtney/Lindsay.

Reason: Courtney/Lindsay beat Courtney/Lindsay in the finale.

Official Placement: 2nd/1st

Bold = Official.

What did you think of my order? c:

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